When Was Running Invented and Who Invented Running? Ultimate Guide

Running has been an essential part of human history. It has played an indispensable role in the survival of human beings over the years.Not only this, but running has many health benefits too.

When Was Running Invented

Some people enjoy running as a leisure activity where on the other hand competitive running is one of the leading sports. It keeps them fit and is a recreational activity for them.

When Was Running Invented?

When you search on the internet about the origins of running, the first results are that running was invented by Thomas running in 1784.

However, we cannot say that running was created. It has evolved over the years. Running is as old as human civilization itself.

In modern times, we use running to shed some extra weight and get rid of some calories. However, running was the way to survive in the ancient periods.

The choice was easy, either run to survive the deadly wild animals or get killed. This long-distance running was the key to survival for our ancestors.

Ancient Humans & Running?

The modern human body form has been derived from the long distances that our ancestors ran. This ability to run at high speeds revolutionized us from the earliest branch of hominids to the current home sapiens that we call ourselves.

Our early ancestors were ape-like creatures called Australopithecus. They were hunched and could walk on two legs. It took them approximately 4.5 million years to walk on two legs.

According to fossil evidence, our ancestors became long-distance runners about 2.6 million years ago. Humans have always had bodily features that helped them in running.

They learned this skill through their daily quest to hunt animals, which required chasing the prey to hunt it down. The ones who could run to their target in the fastest time were the best hunters. In short, we were born to run.

Was Running really Invented?

No. Running was not invented. We cannot stay a particular person started it. Running has been in human blood since the beginning of humans themselves.

Running is naturally instated in all humans and animals. Just like walking and jumping, we have always known how to run. It started as a necessity for survival, but now we can see many recreational runners.

When Was Running Invented As A Sport?

One of the leading sports in this event was running. Running traces as a sport have been first traced back to Ireland. A ceremony was held to remember the death of Irish goddess Tailtiu in 1829.

This ceremony consisted of many games that considered your physical and mental strength. These games took place until Norman’s attack in 1117 B.C. These games were stopped for some time but were revived later.

Running became an official spot after Pheidippides ran from the marathon. Running marathons started taking place, and many people from all across the globe took place in such marathons.

Who Invented Running?

Who invented running

We cannot say that someone invented human running. It has always been a part of human life. We can, however, say that running has evolved over the years regarding how to keep your shoes and clothes on while running.

One of the most influential people in the invention or evolution is Thomas Running. In 1748, Thomas discovered that he could run faster if the force of the wind were behind him.

He tried to take double steps at the same time. He figured out that this road running made his body warmer, and his shoes stayed on even at increased speed because they were tightly wrapped around his feet.

Running for Humans: A History

We call ourselves homo sapiens now. But it has not always been this way. Humans had to evolve through many phases to get to this point.

Humans were the victims of predators in ancient times, just like every other species. Thus, running became important if they needed to escape from their predators.

Running did not only help them survive by fleeing, but it also helped in hunting. The most physically fit and competitive people were chosen by their people to go out and hunt.

This way, running turned into a competition through survival of the fittest. One of the most common tactics used by the modern hominids was persistent hunting.

This persistence hunting helped the hominid species grow and flourish to this current point. The relentless hunters chased after their prey for many hours.

They took turns in being the head hunter. Once the animal was tired out, it became easier to hunt it.

Running as a Symbol

Running has been seen as a symbol in many ancient societies. In 3100 B.C, the Egyptians used to have a unique festival called the Sed Festival. It was also known as Heb Sed. Running was the main symbol in this festival. This festival was held after 30 years of the Pharaoh’s rule had been completed to celebrate. It took place after every three years until the death of the Pharaoh.

It was a gigantic festival with many different stages. The Pharaoh had to make offerings to their Gods, and then there was a re-crowning ceremony in which the Pharaoh was crowned again to signify that he had renewed his rule and a new reign was starting. The central part of this festival was linked to running. The Pharaoh had to run himself in a course that imitated the Egyptian lands.

There were four laps in a total of this run. In the first two laps, the Pharaoh was dressed regally as royals, and in the next two laps, he had to dress like the lower class of Egyptian people. This run was a ceremonial race and symbolized that the society was running away from the new era, and a new age would be starting now. Another reason for this run was to see if the Pharaoh was physically fit. A fitter and younger successor were brought in if he was not welcome.

Running as a Competition

Running grew as a competitive sport due to rituals and festivals of different regions. Tailteann games were held in 600-1000 B.C. The first Olympic games were held in the town of Olympia in 776 B.C. Religious festivals were held to honor the Greek god Zeus and these festivities consisted of running. The first Olympics only consisted of foot running, but boxing, wrestling, and chariot racing were added as the game expanded.

Modern Marathons

Modern Marathons

In this day and age, a marathon race has become very common. Marathons take place from the great wall of China to the North pole. There are 1100 marathon running races in America every year. Originally, Marathons were 25 miles long in the memory of Pheidippides.

Even the Boston marathon in 1897 was 25 miles or 40 kilometers long. It stayed this way for some years. In 1908, the marathon course changed due to London being the new avenue. The starting of the marathon was from Windsor Castle. And the end of the race was at the Royal Box and White City Stadium. Due to the course change, the marathon’s length increased from 25 miles to 26.2 miles, and it has remained this way till now.

The Tailteann Games

The earliest known record of the Tailteann games can be traced back to Ireland in 1829 B.C. These can also be called funeral games, as this festival was held in the memory of the Irish Goddess and queen Tailtiu. This festival included many competitions such as competitive racing. Other competitors included in this festival were as follows:

  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Spear throwing
  • Sword fighting
  • Boxing
  • Archery
  • Chariot racing.

This festival was significant to the Irish people. So within this festival, the state announced many new laws, and mass marriages took place during this time.

Running as a Profession

We can link running turning to a profession to Greek messengers. In 490 B.C, Pheidippides was a Greek messenger and Athenian day runner for the Greek army. Such days runners are called Hemerodrome. This word means courier.

The job of these day runners was to take messages and proclamations from one place to another. They were out almost all day, taking notes. When the Persians invaded the coastal plains of Marathon, Greek soldiers were vastly outnumbered. However, the Greeks managed to regain this land by luck and war tactics. The Greek soldier Pheidippides was sent back from the battleground to Athens with a victory message. It is believed he ran over 25 miles to deliver this message.

He made a stop at Sparta first to gather reinforcements. When he reached two days later, he screamed the news of victory and died on the spot. Today we call such long races ‘Marathons’ to honor Pheidippides’ run from the battlegrounds of the marathon.

Who was Thomas Running?

Thomas running is the most associated person with running. It is believed that he was the one who invented running in 1748 by trying to take multiple steps at the same time. He was the one who found how to keep clothes and shoes on during high-speed runs.

So When Was Endurance Running Invented?

It is believed that endurance running was invented about 2.6 million years ago when our ancestors developed the ability to run. Before this, it was hard for them to even stand on both Legs.

The First Recorded Sprinting Events?

The first recorded sprinting events are traced back to Ireland, where running was a part of festivities to remember the death of the Irish Goddess. Soon Olympics were introduced. Competitors ran in Stadions which is now known as a stadium.

First Olympics with Running?

First Olympics with Running

The Tailteann games directly led to the formation of the Olympics. We can trace back the first Olympics to Greece in 776 B.C.

The name of these games is after the town ‘Olympia’ because they were first held. Until 724 B.C, the Olympics were solely about running, but soon they added other competitions. It was called a Stadion race with a distance of about 200 yards.

The Stadion was almost the same as the stadiums we have today. It is where the word and idea of stadium originated from.

The legend of Pheidippides inspired the marathon in 490 B.C. It was officially introduced as a sport at a much later stage. In 1896, people reintroduced the Olympic games.

When was jogging Invented, and Why Do People Run?

The term ‘Jogging’ was first introduced in the 16th century. Jogging was mainly done by the noble class or the sworders who wanted endurance runners and needed stamina. There are multiple reasons why people run. These are:

  • Running improves health conditions.
  • It helps in losing weight.
  • You can run for charities.
  • It can help you socialize.
  • Running is suitable for your memory.
  • It also helps in increasing your energy levels.
  • It is associated with survival.

Was Running Really Invented in 1748?

Running was never really invented. It is as old as humans and animals themselves as it has always been crucial for survival. It has always been a part of humans from the start.

Who was Running Invented by?

It is said that running was invented by Thomas running in 1748. He tried to walk double distance in the same time frame. He also tried to find methods in which his shoes would not fall off if he tried to move fast.

Final Words – When was Running Invented

We have seen many great runners, Usain Bolt, Jesse Owens, Thomas Burke, and Archie Hahn. These men have left their mark in the world of running. They are elite runners. But it does not mean that we have to be like them. We can be just recreational runners who enjoy a run now and then. It is essential for us to physically, but it keeps us mentally fit. Read about Is dr pepper a coke product, what time is brunch.

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