What Episode Does Neji Die in Naruto? Briefly Explained

Naruto Shippuden is one of the favorite anime series of all anime lovers. Neji Hyuga is one of the most prominent characters on the show.

The character may have seemed insignificant to many as his role started slow, but Neji Hyuga left his mark upon anime fans as the show progressed.

What Episode Does Neji Die?

Initially, he served the Hyuga main house. Still, when Naruto Uzumaki rebelled against the ideology of the house, Neji realized that he too could disregard and choose his destiny as a team guy.

He showed great strength and, in the end, gave his life for Hinata and Naruto, who are both also fan favorites.

How Does Neji Hyuga Die in the Naruto Series?

The death of Neji took place in the fourth great shinobi war. Naruto decided to fight against the Ten-Tails, who were in control of Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha.

Neji and the allied shinobi forces were sent to help Naruto. Neji decided to protect Naruto at all costs as he was very close to winning the war, so Neji joined forces with Hinata and his Uncle Hiashi on the battlefield.

The Ten-Tails releases multiple wooden projectiles such as spears, arrows, and wooden spikes in the direction of Naruto.

At first, Hinata tried to deflect the attack herself, but this Ten-Tails’ attack proved fatal for Neji as he jumped in front of Hinata and Naruto to protect them from the wooden spikes and got impaled himself.

These injuries led to the demise of the fan-favorite Neji Hyuga.


Neji has very fair skin and has long dark brown hair, which almost looks black in the series as typical of all men in the Hyuga clan.

When Neji’s Byakugan(all-seeing white eye) is not in force, we can see that he has ashen white eyes with a very slight lavender tint to them.

At the start of the show, Neji’s outfit consisted of a beige-colored shirt underneath with a light blue shirt. Alongside he wore shinobi sandals, dark brown shorts, and bandages were wrapped on his right arm, chest, and right leg.

On his head, he wore a black forehead protector under which there is another band framing the sides of his face to hide the curse seal placed on him by the Hyuga family to keep him under their control, like other members.

In part 2 of the Naruto Shippuden Anime, the outfit of Neji switched to a white kimono shirt with long sleeves that are very loose, matching pants, shinobi sandals, and an apron tied around his waist.

He carried a black drawstring bag too in this part. Neji did not seem to wear the forehead band to hide the curse seal. Instead, he just let his hair grow long.

When the fourth Shinobi world war started, Neji’s outfit switched to a Konohagakure flak jacket. At the start of the war, he kept his hair in a ponytail, but we can see his hair hanging open towards the end of the war.

Special abilities?

Special Abilities?

Neji Hyuga was a brilliant character even when he was a child and his aptitude to learn was even higher than the standards of the Hyuga clan.

He was prohibited from understanding any line techniques as they were too advanced for his age. He still managed to learn most of the methods independently by his observation skills and his practice.

He received no formal training but was still very skilled at these techniques. Hiashi Hyuga, who was the clan leader, believed Neji had great potential to become the successor of the main branch as he was very impressed at how good he was at all the techniques even though he had learned them on his own.

Neji topped his class at the academy, which made Rock Lee realize that Neji is a powerful competitor in the Chunin exam.

As Hiashi was the one to believe in Neji’s talent and aptitude, he started training Neji himself and showed him all the secret techniques of the branch family. Neji became eloquent and effortless in showcasing fire, water, and earth release.

Since Neji was a part of the Hyuga Clan, he possessed the Byakugan as it is a trait shared among the entire clan and is the main focus of the Hyuga unique arts. Neji’s Byakugan was very powerful.

He has a -360 degree penetrative vision field, could see the chakra circulation system inside another human’s body and could figure out what type of chakra it was.

As adults, not many of the Hyuga clan could use the Byakugan effectively; Neji was still, however, able to use his Byakugan very effortlessly.

There was a small blind spot which was a weakness in Byakugan, but Neji trained to overcome this weakness.

In the end, when he could not overcome this, he used his chakra around the area of the blind spot, which gave him an idea if any attackers were approaching him, and this gave him time to prepare and plot his moves.

His Byakugan powers increased in part 2. When in part he could see 50 meters away, in part 2, this range expanded to being able to see at least 800 meters away.

Neji specialized in Taijutsu, too, like the rest of the Hyuga clan, but not all branch house members use this technique. Limited people like Neji and Rock Lee were good at it.

He was excellent at taking down his enemies and opponents by striking tactfully on some vulnerable regions on the body.

He did this with extreme agility and moved very fast, which stunned his opponent and made it hard for them to launch a counter-attack at Neji.

Enemies tried to keep their distance from Neji as his skills were highly fatal to them if they were in close range, and Neji could easily take them all down.

From the ability to see another’s chakra, Neji was able to use the gentle fist technique, which damages the enemy’s internal organs. Neji was most skilled in the sight of chakra to take the skill of ‘ Gentle Fist’ to another level.

He was the only one who could use the ultimate Hyuga technique called ‘Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms and do a great deal of damage to other ninjas.

This technique helped him attack multiple targets at once and deflect numerous attacks at once, making him a feared ninja.

Who killed Neji in Naruto?

Who Killed Neji in Naruto?

The Ten-Tails managed to kill Neji in Naruto Shippuden. The attack was to kill Naruto, but since Neji knew that Naruto was vital to win the war and the people needed Naruto, Neji jumped in front of Naruto and shielded him, and Hinata from the attack led to the death of Neji. The Ten-Tails are responsible for Neji’s demise.

Why did Neji have to Die?

The primary question of most of the fans of Naruto Shippuden is this: why did Neji have to die. Luckily for us, Naruto creator Kishimoto cleared why the death was crucial for the series.

Kishimoto wanted to make Hinata the lead heroine of the series and bring Hinata and Naruto closer. In his opinion, the best way to do that was by showing she is willing to give her life to protect Naruto.

Kishimoto didn’t want to finish the love story of Naruto and Hinata but killed her off as she tried to save Naruto, so he chose Neji as a substitute. He decided to give Neji a heroic end as he deserved it.

The couple named their first child Neji as a tribute to the person who saved them both, so somehow the legacy of Neji is still alive.

Seriously Neji’s Death was so Pathetic in Many Ways. Why?

Fans think that Neji’s death was not up to the mark, and he did not get the end he deserved. There are multiple reasons that fans believe the ending was pathetic.

  • One of the reasons is that Hinata has placed herself in a compromised position, and she did not use her skills to protect Naruto when she quickly could’ve taken full advantage of her dojutsu.
  • Neji was much better than all his peers and was on his way to a bright future, but they gave him an early death, so the build-up was for nothing.
  • Neji was a great ninja and excelled at his skills, but while saving Naruto, he did not use any of those skills.
  • Most of the elder members of the clan survived. They should have been the ones to take the place of Neji in protecting.
  • Neji and Hinata got on good terms just recently, and this time was cut short due to Neji’s untimely death.
  • There were already many shocking deaths in the war, and it was unnecessary to add Neji to the list.
  • Naruto unlocked his power after Neji died. If only that had happened a few moments earlier, Neji would’ve still been alive. It is understandable that the bittersweet end of Neji caused Naruto to unleash his power but it would’ve been better if Neji would have lived to see Naruto in his glory.
  • Neji didn’t get to change the laws of his clan that he hated and instead died protecting the Hyuga clan as per rules. It seems as if he died obeying the rules that he was set against.

Was Neji’s Death Necessary or not?

Neji’s death was not entirely necessary. The creator only did it to bring Hinata and Naruto to the limelight.

Why did They Kill off Neji?

The creator of Naruto Shippuden killed Neji to bring Hinata and Naruto closer and wanted to promote this couple’s love story.

Kishimoto did not want to end the life of Hinata just yet as the story of this couple has yet to flourish, but someone had to die, so Kishimoto chose it to be Neji.

Why do People Blame Neji’s Death on Hinata?

Why do people blame Neji's death on Hinata

Since Neji was a very beloved character, many people blame Hinata for the death of Neji. They believe that Hinata had more options to save Naruto than just standing before him to shield him.

If she had used her chakra and Byakugan on time, she could’ve saved Naruto herself, and Neji would still be alive as he wouldn’t have to stand in front of them to take the blow if Hinata had been more thoughtful about her choices.

However, the fans have no idea how much Chakra Hinata had left and how fast the impacts from the attackers were, so we cannot entirely blame Hinata.

Maybe this was the only option; that is why even Neji couldn’t use his skills to protect them all and had to act as a human shield from incoming attacks.

What are the Side Effects of Death?

The only side effects of Neji’s death are that Naruto lost his best friend, and the new friendship forming between Hinata and Neji ended early. We didn’t get to see Neji change the customs of the Hyuga clan.

What Episode Does Neji Die In Anime, and Does Neji Die in Episode 117?

The death scene of Neji Hyuga features in episode 364 called ‘The Ties That Bind’ of the anime series Naruto Shippuden.

Some fans believe that Neji had previously died in episode 117 when they were chasing Sasuke Uchiha as he had collapsed from his severe injuries in the fight against his opponent.

He could not chase after Sasuke himself, so the others had to, and when Neji could not pursue his foe, everyone assumed he was dead, but he lived to see another day.

What Chapter Does Neji Die in Manga?

Neji dies in chapter 614 in the manga at the hands of the Ten-Tails. This chapter featured many deaths, but the one that left us in tears was that of our favorite hero Neji Hyuga who left fans in a deep shock.

Did Neji Die for a Shadow Clone?

Neji did not die for a shadow clone. Although it may seem to many fans that it was a clone in place of Naruto Uzumaki, it was Naruto himself.

Final Words

Neji Hyuga dies in episode 364 of the Naruto series. Neji’s death came as a shock to all the fans. Everyone admired the strength and resilience that his character portrayed.

It was tough to recover from one of the main characters of this Anime series. Still, the reason for which Neji Hyuga laid his life down takes the respect of Neji up significantly in the eyes of Naruto Shippuden fans. How old is Luffy monkey in manga anime? What does local courier facility mean?

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