Suede Brooks – Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Life of YouTube Star

Who is Suede Brooks

In this day and age, the internet has become a part of our everyday life. Everyone in the world has access to it, and you can barely find anyone who does not know the latest internet gossip.

Due to the rise in online activities, many young people have joined online platforms to express themselves and show their talents. They call themselves influences. One of these many famous internet influencers is Suede.

Who is Suede Brooks?

Suede is a 20-year-old Instagram star who earns income by posting content on her Instagram account or TikTok. She can also be called a fashion blogger and an Entrepreneur. Her range is mainly based on fashion and beauty tips.

She is a beauty enthusiast and is greatly adored in the online beauty communities. Suede’s videos include content like clothing hauls, makeup tutorials, and videos in which she shows her entire process of getting ready. She has about 1.4 million fans on TikTok who love watching her videos.

United Talent Agency has been one of her agencies in the past. She also posts content on her YouTube channel, which has more than 340 000 subscribers, and the list is still ongoing.

She decided to start making such content to have an escape from the extreme bullying in middle school, and she tries to act as an anti-bullying activist for the people who have had a bullying experience same as hers.

Suede Brooks Niall Horan Biography

On February 8th, 2001, Suede was born in Nevada, Las Vegas, United States, to her mom Lisa Brooks and dad, Steven Brooks. Currently, she is 20 years old. Suede has dark blonde hair and brown eyes.

She has two siblings; a sister named India Rae Brooks and a brother named Blaze Brooks, a graphic designer. Both of her siblings are older than her. Her family has always been well off, and she has never had any financial issues.

Suede was born into white Caucasian ethnicity and raised as a Christian. Modeling career had appealed to Suede ever since she was a little child, and she started her venture when she was just five years old. Suede graduated from a local high school in Nevada.

Early Life and Childhood

Ever since Suede was born, she had been interested in beauty and fashion. Suede’s parents, Lisa Brooks and Steven Brooks opened a beauty salon together when she was young called ‘The Diva Studio Salon.’ This greatly influenced Suede in her childhood.

Everything around her fueled her interest in fashion and made her want to be a part of this world. Suede had a horrible school experience. She experienced a lot of bullying in school life. She first started facing such bullies when she was just 11 years old.

It caused her mental stress and threw her into a loop of depression. Her parents got worried, so they shifted her to online schooling. To escape from this harsh reality, Suede decided to use YouTube as a means of escape.

Personal Life

Suede is a very popular social media influencer, but most of her personal life has remained out of the limelight. She has been very vocal about the bullying she encountered as a child, which was why she started posting videos.

The bullying left a mark on her, but she turned it into something extraordinary by starting her anti-bullying campaign. One of the things that caught a lot of media attention was when the paparazzi took photos of her with famous boy bander Niall Horan.

Niall was a part of the British boy band at that time, and he was a major celebrity. When the photos came out, it caused a rift in the fans. Recently, it has been confirmed that Suede is in a loving relationship with Andrew Brooks Sinclair, an influencer who has a flair for fashion.

Social Media

Social Media

Since being an influencer involves a lot of social media usage, Suede is very active online. She uses her platforms to voice her Anti-bullying campaigns and shares fun videos regarding fashion and makeup tips.

She started from YouTube as her primary platform to spread her voice. But nowadays, she is using Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube handles are all the same as ‘@Suedebrooks.’

How Old is Suede Brooks or her Age?

The new reports claim that Suede recently turned 20, whereas her family claims otherwise. They say she turned 21 this year as her birth date was February 8th, 2001.

How Much does Suede Brooks Weigh?

Suede has always been a petite person. She currently weighs 60 Kilograms. If we look at pounds, her weight is 132 pounds. This little figure, along with a killer fashion sense, has made her a famous fashion icon among the new generations.

What is Suede Brooks’s Height?

The stats of Suede Brook’s height are:

  • 5′ 11″ in Inches
  • 1.8 m in meters
  • 180.34 cm in centimeters

What does Suede Brooks do?

Suede is an influencer, a model, and a popular YouTuber. She started her career by uploading videos on YouTube. The bullying inspired this she faces in her school life.

After this, she decided to post content on Tumblr on her account called “beachbikiniklass’. Later on, she moved to newer platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to bring her childhood dream of fashion to life.

She posts videos and content regarding fashion and makeup and has a massive fan following of about 340K people, which made her net worth about 2-3 million US dollars.

She has worked on a couple of modeling gigs with famous brands such as H&M. Suede and recently launched her online clothing brand called ‘Suede,’ named after her.

She has also worked with many famous brand names, including Sephora, Marc Jacobs, and Adidas. These days she is working on multiple modeling projects alongside her best friend, Luca Fersko.

Who is Suede Brooks’s Boyfriend?

Suede dated Andrew Brook Sinclair for a very long time, but according to the latest news reports, they both have broken up and are on their separate paths.

Suede Brooks’s boyfriend, Andrew

Andrew Sinclair was Suede’s ex-boyfriend. There is not a lot of information available about his personal life. In his 30s, he and Suede started dating, and Suede was in her teen years.

He is interested in fashion just like Suede, which is one of the main reasons they connected. He also posts content on some fashion blogs that he runs from home. Currently, he is working in an investment business.

Andrew Brooks’s Net worth of Clothing

Since Andrew Brooks is in the investment business, he makes big money and lives a lavish lifestyle. Thanks to Suede, she is the reason he got famous, and his already high net worth increased even more. Currently, Andrew’s net worth stands at about $3.62 million.

What did Suede Brooks post about Palestine?

In 2021, when the entire world was following the events happening in Palestine, Suede found herself in hot waters when she spoke on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine uninformed.

She posted a video that made her seem to favor the continuing violence. Her comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict did not sit right with people, and she immediately faced backlash. She met a lot of online bullying, with people calling her names and reporting her account.

Soon after this incident, she took off the video that had started this entire mess, and she posted an apology on her story. Suede claimed that she spoke on the matter without knowing the details of the events, so she did not realize how grave the situation was.

She posted the apology on both TikTok and her Instagram account to reach as many people as possible. Due to this event, many of her followers started believing that she was an ignorant person who did not even get her facts straight before she spoke on a matter that revolved around murdering families.

Suede Brooks scandal: What is Suede Brooks Apologizing for?

Suede Brooks scandal: What is Suede Brooks Apologizing for

Suede Brooks posted a video on Instagram where she said Pro-Israel things. At that time, the entire world was frenzy about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the killing of families in Palestine.

So this video caused many fans to be furious with her. She later took down the video and apologized for her comments as she claimed she had not done her research and did not have the complete facts.

FAQ – Suede Brooks

Who is Suede Brooks Dating these Days?

These days Suede is enjoying being single. She is going out with friends, taking on more modeling projects, and focusing on her social media career. She plans on staying single for a while.

Who has Suede Brooks Dated?

When Suede was in her teens years, some photos were spread by her paparazzi with Niall Horan. Later on, she posted a video in which she called Niall Horan, her boyfriend.
To this date, both of them have neither confirmed nor denied whether they were dating or not. The video has since been taken down. At the end of her teen years, Suede started dating Andrew Brooks Sinclair, who was also deeply interested in fashion like Suede.
Their relationship lasted till 2021. It is reported that currently, Suede is not dating anyone, and she is just enjoying her single life.

Who are Suede Brooks’s Parents?

The names of Suede’s parents are Lisa Brooks and Steven Brooks, and both of them are American. Steven worked at the company ‘RUSK’ as Director of Sales. Later on, he left his job to start a business with his wife. They opened a Salon which they named ‘The Diva Studio Salon.’

How did Suede Brooks’s Dad Die?

Suede Brook’s dad did not die. These were just rumors that some of her fans made up without confirming anything. They claimed that her dad was not to be seen anywhere, and Suede looked sad.

How did Suede Brooks's dad die

Did Suede Brooks Attend College?

No. Suede did not attend college. Her career in modeling started when she was nine years old, and she wanted to do this long-term, so she saw no use in wasting her time at college when she could be landing multiple modeling gigs and making a name for herself.

How old is Suede Brooks TikTok?

Suede turned 21 on February 8th, 2022, as she was born in 2021. Many reports claim that she is 20 years old, but her parents say the words are wrong, and she is a year older than that.

OverviewSuede Brooks

Youtubers and influencers are taking over the world by storm. There is no mega-event that you see happening without some influencer faces in the crowd.

Online platforms have made it easy to voice your opinion and gain fame. Suede is one of the many people who used this platform for the greater good and also to do what she loves. Allen Greene, Jeff Bezos’s eye and does Sasuke die in Boruto.

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