What is New Starbucks Dress Code 2022

Starbucks Dress Code

Starbucks is the most famous coffee chain globally and is a multibillion-dollar company. It will not be over the top to call the ‘Coffee Giant.’ It has earned its name by brewing the finest coffee whose smell and taste are so addictive that you want to have it again and again.

What is the dress code for Starbucks Employees?

Being a Starbucks employee, you must appear presentable and clean in front of the customers. Clothing with patches, stains, or wrinkles is not allowed as it taints the image of the giant coffee chain.

Your clothes must be carefully ironed and neat. We all know that a green apron is the identity of a Starbucks barista. It must not be stained or torn and should be ironed. Do not half-tie your apron, and always put your name tag on it.

What are you allowed to wear as a Starbucks employee?

As an employee at this prestigious coffee company, you need to follow specific dress code rules. A color code that you must follow contains dark and solid colors.

It is important to look neat and always have your clothes immaculate. Dresses, skirts, turtlenecks, polos, pants, jeans, and shorts are allowed but must be in darker colors. You have to wear your apron on top.

How many hours is a shift at Starbucks?

One Starbucks shift can range from four to eight hours. It is necessary to work at least three hours per shift. Working hours can be very flexible if you are friendly with your co-workers and can seek their help.

Overall Appearance about Starbucks Employee Dress Code

According to the dress code, you must take care of some general things in your overall appearance, including ironed and stainless clothes. The dress code has the following rules:

Starbucks dress code policy Shoes

If you are working at Starbucks, you will be on your feet the entire time you are on shift. So it is vital to wear comfortable shoes. You are only allowed to wear black, gray, or brown footwear; however, there can be a hint of accent colors.

Footwear like flip flops, open-ended shoes, etc., is discouraged as you might injure yourself in a rush. Leather and suede shoes are allowed, whereas canvas, slingbacks, and white shoes are discouraged.

Starbucks dress code Makeup

You are allowed to wear makeup as an employee. However, your makeup needs to be subtle. It should not be shocking or too loud that it draws the attention of everyone who passes by. The company wants to maintain its soft and subtle look on employees.

Starbucks Dress code T-shirts

You can wear white, brown, gray, navy, denim and black shirt colors. A small pattern on tops is considered to be the best choice. Your undershirt doesn’t have to match your upper color.

However, could you keep it in the same color palette? It is best to wear a turtleneck, polo, or button-down shirt. Plunging necklines, crop tops, and short sleeves are prohibited, and so are distracting patterns.

Starbucks Dress code Lookbook

According to the lookbook, your hair must be kept back from the face. If you have long hair, try to tie it behind so that your hair doesn’t fall somewhere it shouldn’t be. For someone with a beard, the instructions are to keep it trimmed.

Starbucks Attire

According to the employee dress code, you can wear jeans, button-downs, dresses, polos, pants, shorts, and skirts, but they all should be in dark colors. Dresses and skirts cannot be shorter than 4 inches above the knees, and there should not be any rips in your jeans. Ties and bows are allowed, but they must not have loud neon colors. The same goes for scarves.

Starbucks Barista Uniform

A barista needs to have clean and spot-free clothing. He must wear his green apron, which should be appropriately ironed. The name tag needs to be on the top left corner, so when the coffee drinkers come to order, they can see your name and be friendly.

Five Year Starbucks dress code

The dress code was last renewed in 2016 when some of its stringent rules were relaxed. Ever since then, the principle has been the same.

It has been seven years now. It includes a specific dark color palette that needs to be followed by all of the employees with appropriate clothing styles. Tattoos and makeup have been allowed now.

Starbucks dress code 2017, Starbucks dress code 2019, Starbucks dress code 2020, and Starbucks dress code 2021

The Dress code has remained the same over the past seven years. There have been no changes in the code. The only thing that differs is that it might be compulsory for you to wear hats in some states. The last time the dress code was changed was in 2016, when makeup and tattoos were allowed.

FAQ – Starbucks Dress Code

Can I wear pattern tops to Starbucks?

Yes, you can wear pattern tops to Starbucks, but you have to make sure you are wearing a good pattern. Distractingly loud patterns are discouraged in this coffee firm.

Do I have to wear a hat at Starbucks?

Yes, you might have to wear a hat if your local law demands it. Hats such as beanies, baseball caps, and fedoras are allowed in brown, gray, or black colors. However, bucket hats or any hats with huge non-Starbucks logos are not allowed.

How strict is Starbucks’ dress code?

The dress code at Starbucks can be considered relatively strict, and there are many restrictions. There are only some specific colors that you can wear, and not all sorts of tops are allowed. There is a particular code for bottoms too. Not compliance with the dress policy can result in you getting fired.

Can I have tattoos and work at Starbucks?

The Starbucks policy on tattoos is that you should not have any visible tattoos on your face or neck. If you have tattoos on any other visible part of your body, that is not an issue. However, you must not have tattoos that might offend someone. If you have tattoos on your neck or arms, it will be deemed appropriate to wear collared shirts with long sleeves.

Can I dye my hair and work at Starbucks?

Hair dye is not restricted if you are working at a Starbucks. You can have all sorts of expressive hair colors. The only restriction that the coffee shop imposes is that the color on your hair must be permanent or semi-permanent for food safety. You cannot put glitter, sprays, or chalk on your hair as it might contaminate the beverages.

Overview – Starbucks Dress Code

Starbucks has made its name in the coffee industry but provides delicious coffee and fantastic consumer services. They have strict attire guidelines for their employees to maintain the perfect image.

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