20+ Snapchat Question Games Ideas to Play with Friends

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Snapchat is one of the most popular apps of today. Thousands of people use Snapchat every single day. It is not wrong to say that our youth is in love with Snapchat for its unique filters and the ability to connect all around the globe.

Snapchat Question Game

They maintain snap streaks and play games available on this app. These games can be multiplayer games or single-player games. They are available in the snap games section.

What is Snapchat Story Game?

Snapchat story games are games on Snapchat that you can play with any of your friends. These games are multiplayer, mostly so that you can connect with your friends through Snapchat. They prevent boredom too. You can ask someone questions based on how close you are, whether they be embarrassing or common questions.

You can even play these games with people you want to know better as these questions will help you learn about the other. There is no limit on how many questions per day you can ask.

Guessing Game

One of the most interesting games on Snapchat is Guessing game. It requires you to figure out unknown names through a set of emojis. These unknown names include movies, songs, heroes, heroines, and much more. It depends on the category of names you get. It might seem slightly challenging initially, but as you play, you become an expert at guessing. This game is enjoyed by many. Teens especially love playing the guessing game.

How much you Know Me

This game is an important and efficient way to know how much someone knows you. It is fun too. It is best to play this game with people close to you to see how close you are. If you play with unknown people or someone new, you might be left disappointed if they do not answer correctly. You can ask personal questions like my date of birth, favorite past times, favorite color, whether I prefer books or movies, etc.

Brain Games

Brain Games are some of the best games available on Snapchat. They help you spend time with your friends in an enjoyable way while also challenging them and yourself. These brain games include puzzles or a picture from which you need to derive logical reasoning and get a final answer. These games help make you sharper and make your mind stronger. The games are not limited to a certain age group. You can play these with your significant other, friends, and even your parents. Brain games include anonymous questions of jumbled words or rearranging phrases.

Who I Am for you

This game is also fun yet deep. It is similar to the ‘How much you know me’ game. There are only a few factors that make it different: these questions are based on a different personal level. The questions can be:

  • How would you describe me?
  • Who am I for you?
  • What sort of person would you say I am?
  • Describe me in a sentence.
  • What do you like the most about me?
  • What do you dislike the most about me?

These questions help you realize how important you have been and still are to someone. You also see how much you mean to someone and what impression you leave. It is an important game to know how others view you.

All About Me

Just like blank areas under questions in your exam, you post questions with blank areas under them that the viewers of your story need to fill and reply to you. These questions include the various personal question. By the answers, you can judge who knows how much about you. It is the ultimate test of friendship.

I may Seem, but I’m Actually.

It is a very popular game on Snapchat. All you need to do is post on your story a list of options such as :

  • Lazy or active
  • Nerd or Jock
  • Loud or quiet

Once you post such options, your friends will choose the option they think is the best fitting for you. You can know how your friends view you.

How Much do you Love me?

All the people familiar with the concept of love will be interested in this game. It is not important that you only play this game with your partner. You can also play this with your friends and family. This game can help you realize how they feel about you. To make this game more interesting, you can ask the person you are playing with to answer with an emoji. The questions can be like:

  • How much do you love me?
  • Are there moments when you hate me?
  • Do you like to hold my hand?
  • How much do you like me on a scale from 1-10?
How Much do you Love me

Personal Poll Game

The personal Poll game is a very effective game to have fun and get to know people’s honest views about you. In this game, you create a poll with some questions that can be personal or general. Once you have posted the questions along with the poll, viewers will answer those questions honestly. You will see the poll levels on all your questions. There is a huge variety of questions you can add.

Questions About Habits

Habits questions game falls in the same category as ‘I May Seem, But I am. In this, you post questions about habits in your story. Your friends will choose the answer to those habits and respond to you. When they respond, you need to respond to the questions they have answered. This way, both of you will get to know each other’s habits better. The questions can be like:

  • Do you drink cold coffee or hot coffee in the morning?
  • Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
  • Do you spit out or swallow watermelon seeds?
  • Do you wear makeup every single day or only on special events?


Post-This-Post That is an interesting game. A list of people is posted on your story. You need to post every one of them with their photos and tag them. If they respond to your story, they will have to continue the challenge and post people according to themselves. The list of people may include:

  • Best friend ever
  • A friend you have known for longer than 5 years
  • Guy Bestie
  • Girl Bestie
  • Funniest friend
  • Most dramatic friend
  • Bonds

Bonds is almost similar to Post This-Post That. You are given a list which is like:

  • The bond of a lifetime
  • The strongest bond
  • A bond that broke
  • A bond that I miss
  • A very dear bond

You need to post a list like this on your story, and your friends will respond to it. They need to give honest answers to these questions.

Post Stories

Like many other Snapchat games, Post stories are also based on posting pictures. What happens is that you post a list of people such as My best friend, my celebrity crush, my favorite picture, someone you miss, etc. Some of your friends will reply to your story when you post this list. When they reply, this means they have accepted the challenge, and they need to post photos of everything on this list on their story. This challenge carries on from one person to another. Forming a chain.

Yes, No, and Maybe

Yes, no, and maybe it can be classified as similar to Never have I ever or Truth from Truth and dare. A list of questions is posted on your story. These questions may be random questions or maybe questions that force you to ponder if you would take action or not. Every person who sees your story will have to reply to you with answers to every single question in the list.

My Crush

This game is very popular among girls. You post certain sets of qualities that your crush has. These qualities include character traits, eye color, hair color, etc. Your friends will respond to this story by selecting all qualities relevant to their crush. The best part about this game is that the names of crushes remain anonymous. Only qualities and looks are shared. So it is up to you to guess who the mystery person may be.

snapchat question game about my crush

Phone Tour

Phones are personal to us. This game involves questions regarding your phone. Everyone who sees your story should reply with honest answers to these questions. These questions can be like:

  • What is your battery percentage right now?
  • What is the 7th photo in your gallery?
  • What is the last screenshot you took?

Things I Find Attractive

You will post A list of character traits and physical qualities. It can be about guys or girls or both. Everyone who views your story will have to respond by selecting the ideal qualities and traits from the list they want in a girl or a guy or anyone they know.

Cons Of Dating Me

Snapchat games require posting stories with questions and lists. This one is just the same. You will post a list of cons of dating someone. These do not necessarily need to be regarding yourself. They can be random. Your friends or anyone who views your story must respond honestly with the cons of dating them from the list.

Ask Any 3

You can decide on some questions that your friends and followers on Snapchat would like to know the answer to. These can be personal or any embarrassing questions, or both. When you make a list of questions, people can select 3 that they may ask you. The catch is that you need to be fully honest and not hide or alter answers. Otherwise, there is no point in the whole game.

Facts About Me

This game focused on you. You can get to know who knows you best. You will post a list of things that may be facts or not about you. Your friends will respond and say which things on the list are facts and which are not.

My Opinion On

Post random topics on your story and ask the viewers their opinion. It will help you know what someone’s stance on something is.

FAQ – Snapchat Question Game

If a girl likes you, How will she try and make you Jealous?

If a girl likes you, she will try to make you jealous by:

1. Spending more time with other guys.
2. Talking about other guys with you
3. Replying to your texts and chats late

What are some good dares for Texting?

There are a lot of good dares for texting. These can include dares such as:

1. Share the last message you send to your significant other
2. Post a status on Facebook while being blindfolded.
3. Send a hello or random message to your crush
4. Send the names of 5 people who you call the most
5. Shares contacts that have heart emoji in their saved name.

some good dares for Texting

He doesn’t initiate conversations, but he sends me snaps occasionally. Is he Interested?

Sending snaps sometimes means that he is trying to keep you happy by still sending snaps. He isn’t making a real effort to talk, so maybe you are not his first choice. He is probably just a player and keeps you as a backup option.

Final Words – Snapchat Question Game

We have become so absorbed in work that we have forgotten to enjoy and live a little. Most of our interaction is with these electronic devices and gadgets. We don’t find the time to get together with real humans. If we do not find the time to meet someone and feel like we have a little enjoyment, we can play these games on Snapchat. They help us play with a real person and relieve our brains from some stress. What does mean by highest snap score and angel number 777?

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