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What is a Joke in ‘Sidney Applebaum’ on SNL? (2022 Explained)

Grocery shopping is an essential part of our lives. We get the items of our necessity from the grocery stores, and these stores make life easier for us. We visit these stores often, but we never wonder about the stories behind the opening of such stores.

What is the joke in 'Sidney Applebaum' on SNL?

One of the hidden stories is the story of Sidney Jay Applebaum. Before opening his famous Applebaum grocery stores, he was a delivery boy. He delivered food items from his father’s food stalls. His ambition to be an innovator led him to create the Applebaum Food Stores. These made their name in the grocery business. His chain soon became the second-largest grocery chain in the world.

What is the joke in ‘Sidney Applebaum’ on SNL?

In 2013, Bill Hader appeared on the Saturday Night Live show as a report named Steffon. He started mentioning the story of a Halloween Party that he attended, and while citing this story, he recalled seeing a Jewish Dracula. He claimed that a Dracula of Jewish origins is called Sidney.

People thought he would say some grand name according to a Dracula, but they burst into laughter when they heard this common name. The scene got even funnier when the terrific storyteller Bill Hader himself broke the character and took frequent chuckle breaks.

This joke in ‘Sydney Applebaum’ that gained a lot of fame is linked to the show ‘Love and Death.’ The comedic geniuses talked about the life, career, challenges, and growth of Sidney Jay Applebaum in a funny way. The main point of this comedic act was to make sure people remember Sydney and his achievements.

The funny part started when Stephen was left dumbfounded, and Bill Harder knew more about the storyline. This joke had a double effect on the audience, and everyone, including the host, could not control their laughter, making this scene very popular and funny.

Who is Sid Applebaum?

Sydney Applebaum was a very famous American business owner. He was born in 1924 in the town of Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Russian immigrants Oscar Applebaum and Bertha Applebaum. Although Sydney took the business to the next level, his father, Oscar Applebaum, started selling fruits on a fruit cart. One cart turned to more, and slowly he started keeping more food items on multiple carts. Later these food carts evolved and expanded into Applebaum’s Food Markets.

When Sydney was little, he worked as a delivery boy for his father. He used to deliver things like food items, fruits, pancakes, etc. All these items were delivered from his father’s stalls. Sydney gained fame when he started Applebaum’s Food Markets. He was known as a visionary and a great entrepreneur in the grocery industry, and his family business is the second-largest supermarket chain in the world. After years of hard work and continuous effort to expand his grocery chain, Sydney passed away at 92.

The reason the joke works is two-fold

The reason the joke made on SNL regarding Sydney Applebaum worked in two ways were:

  • The audience was expecting an excellent name for the Jewish version of Dracula. Instead of using a magnificent name as everyone expected, Steffon used a boring word. It is what made the joke cool sounding even funnier. But, this funny joke was a slight taunt to the Jewish people as they have very conservative views.
  • There was another reason that this joke became two-fold. The actor playing Steffon, Bill Hader, started laughing when he took Sydney Applebaum’s name. When actors break down during their act and start laughing, that is a hilarious moment for the crowd. So this laughter of Bill Hader made the audience laugh even more complex.

These acts managed to grab the audience’s attention and make them laugh. This was what made this show a successful one.

Sidney Applebaum, the co-founder of Rainbow Foods, dies at 92

Sidney started his business career when he and his six brothers started expanding their father’s business. After they sold that business, they bought another chain of stores which they later sold. Soon Sid co-founded Rainbow Foods. He remained the CEO until 1997, when he got retirement.

Sidney Applebaum timeline

Sid Applebaum lived a very long and peaceful life of 92 years. He went from delivering things from his father’s fruit cart to owning the second-largest grocery chain in the world. He was considered a visionary grocer with the most amazingly managed retail operations. He has been known as the CEO of multiple grocery chains but the most known out of them was Applebaum Supermarket as this was where he started his journey.

Early Life of Sidney Applebaum

Sidney was born to Russian immigrant parents. He had eight siblings, out of which six were boys and 6 were girls: Hy, Meyer, Abe, Arthur, Roy, and Harry, the boys’ names. The terms of his sisters were Rose Singer and Ethel Specktor. Their father sold many food items that he had displayed on carts. Sidney and his brothers tried to expand the family business. They opened many stores of Gateway Foods, and by 1979, this food chain had about 30 stores all over America.

Education of Sidney Applebaum

We do not know a lot about the education of Sidney Applebaum. He completed his high school education at the Humboldt Senior High School. After this, he did not pursue any further education. Instead, he joined his father’s business to try to expand it and worked diligently.

Merging with National Tea

In 1979, the stores of Gateway Foods were sold to the National Tea Company. Sidney’s brothers had sold the stores, but Sidney was still so attached to the stores that they got a job in the store.

Rainbow Foods

After selling Gateway Foods, Sidney wanted to open another chain of stores. It was called Rainbow Foods. When Rainbow Stores opened, they became popular with the American people. This popularity led to the rebranding of Applebaum Food Market.

Sidney Applebaum – Personal Life

Sydney Lester Applebaum had a very peaceful life. Even though he was involved in many business endeavors, he still maintained his peace. He fell in love with a girl named Lorraine Smith. By 1945 he was married to her at the age of 21. She is now Lorraine Applebaum.

He had three beautiful children with her. They were Nancy Rosenberg, Jay Applebaum, and Ellen Saffron. As he was a businessman himself, he taught a lot to his children as well. Sydney bought one of the retail liquor stores in Minnesota to establish his children.

This buy later led to him buying a chain of liquor stores in 1979. This chain of liquor stores was named midway big top liquors. The business was not the only thing that Sydney loved. He had a knack for golf and played it with his family. It was a way for him to spend time with family and keep them in a loving and close relationship.

Sidney’s Achievements and Awards

Sidney was the CEO of the Applebaum Food Market and the Rainbow Stores. He retired in 1996. But this was not all that Sydney Lester Applebaum achieved. A year later, in 1997, he purchased Holiday Food Stores. His name and efforts made the Holiday Food Stores reach great run heights of success. But soon Sidney sold the stores. In 2005, the united hospital awarded Sydney with the ‘Trustee of the year’ award.

Love and Death Sidney Applebaum

A joke was made in the movie ‘Love and Death’ about Sidney. It later gained fame when the joke was made on SNL. Since the joke was copied from the movie of a very famous director, it got very hit and everyone loved it. The purpose of this joke was to give Sid some recognition amongst the audience.

Last Years of Sidney Applebaum

Sidney passed away on August 6, 2016. He had celebrated his 70th marriage anniversary with his wife. , when he passed, he was surrounded by his family and his loved ones when he left this world. He had eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren by the time he died. His funeral service will be remembered as one of the most famous memorials ever. He was one of the most remarkable people and inspired many across America. It was later revealed that Sid participated in humanitarian services too.

All you need to know about the famous joke on Applebaum Sidney

Saturday Night Live is a very well-known show. But it gained major fame when the host told a joke about Sid Applebaum in 2013. It became an all-time favorite joke among many people. This joke started in one of Woody Allen’s most famous movies ‘Love and Death.’ A character in this movie has a very infamous line.

He says ‘I want to be so successful that the world knows me by the name Sydney Lester Applebaum.” Since it was from the movie by famous director Woody Allen, this joke made headlines. This joke was repeated on SNL, where a reporter mentioned a Halloween party with a Jewish Dracula. The name of this Dracula was Sid Applebaum. This joke was funny to everyone since they expected some great name but got a widespread Jewish name.

Twofold is the Reason that Joke works Very Well.

This joke became a very well-known joke due to the double effect on the audience. The two-fold effect that took place was:

  • Sitcom genius Bill Hader was acting as Steffon. He was narrating the story of a Halloween party he attended. He claimed he met a Dracula who was a Jew and was called Sidney. It sparked laughter in the crowd. It was because they expected a name that was fitting to the image of a Dracula but instead, it was a common name.
  • This joke became even funnier was that Bill Hader could not control his laughter during the joke. When famous actors making celebrity impressions crack such a joke and laugh, everyone laughs.

Sidney Applebaum, the co-founder of Rainbow Foods, death info, and location

Sidney is a known name in the grocery business. Before being the co-founder of Rainbow Stores, he was the CEO of Applebaum’s chain of stores. Later he became the CEO of the Gateway Food Chain. In 1983 he decided to put a new competitor in the grocery race called Rainbow Foods. This wholesale grocery firm became very successful as it gave great convenience.

Although he was an immigrant, he played an essential role in America’s economy. He played a role in the prosperity by creating such chain stores. He had a successful business career. He was also a great father and an affectionate husband. Unfortunately, Sid died in 2016 at the age of 92 in Minnesota city. He had his last precious moments with his family. Including his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

After selling Applebaum Applebaum, Sidney co-founded Rainbow Foods in 1983. Served as CEO until 1996.

Sidney and his six brothers sold the chain of warehouse supermarkets. Since Sid was a businessman, his mind always revolved around new ventures. He decided to start Rainbow Foods. He became the Rainbow Foods co-founder in 1983. The way he managed these stores made it popular among the people. Some Applebaum’s stores were also renamed Rainbow Foods. Although many owners changed over the years, Sid remained the CEO until 1997.

Some of the reasons why the joke works are twofold

Some of the reasons why the joke works two-fold are:

  • There is a lot of irony in the joke. There is a mention of a Dracula in the joke, which is supposed to be a Jew. When Bill Hader is about to reveal the name, everyone expects him to tell some magnificent name. But instead, he reveals an ordinary name. It caught them by surprise.
  • The second reason of twofold is that the person making this joke starts laughing himself. This made the crowd laugh even more.

Final words:

There is a reason that people like Sid Applebaum receive appreciation from people. Even in tough times, they work hard to achieve tremendous success in their lives. He worked very hard and gave dedicated service to his business. He also spent necessary quality time with his family.

His professional and personal life was successful, and he can be called a role model. His Grocery Chain had a considerable market share, and you can find a lot of his stores on the streets downtown. People like him should inspire the young generation as he paved his way through this work with incredible hard work as like jewish dracula named sidne. Elaine Starchuk, Suede Brooks, Allen Greene & is Jerry Springer a real judge?

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