Is Softonic Safe for Download and Legal to Use? Explained 2022

Is Softonic Safe

In the modern world, everyone has web access. There are countless internet options available out there. You can access countless websites through the internet. All digital data is at your fingertips. There are freeware sites on the internet to help you get information. These sites make the download process easier. Freeware is a piece of software. There are loads of freeware websites available such as Softonic.

What is Softonic, and is it safe?

Softonic is a Spanish web portal. It is owned by Softonic international, and the location of the office is in Barcelona, Spain. It is one of the most popular websites out there. We use it to download free games, movies, and some applications. You can also use Softonic to access a collection of software too. It is one of the most used download sites with about 4 Million downloads.

The owners claim that all android, IOS, Windows, and Mac content is available. The software consists of third-party apps, open-source programs, and free video games. The main question that worries the new users; Is Softonic safe to use?

The owners of Softonic profess that their program provides 100% malware-free download items. They claim there are regular antivirus checks that ensure safety. We can have harmless downloads of software, program files, games, and apps. According to the millions of users, this claim made by Softonic is very true. Yet, some programs might have inbuilt malware and adware.

Softonic tries to provide malware-infection-free service. If you download programs that infect your PC with viruses, those will keep running in the back. Unless you take proper steps to get rid of the virus, they won’t go. Softonic’s general complaint is that its sites are out of fashion and old. As per specialists, ancient sites have viruses and malicious malware built-in. They have security issues too. They can cause a lot of damage to your PC and might even make it a target for some browser hijackers.

There is one other general issue with Softonic. It compromises the safety of online users. This issue is that there are many malicious ads. These ads open malicious files, which can cause damage to the system of the PC.

Is Softonic Safe? Tips for Downloading Games Safely

When we download games and apps through Softonic, many ads can affect us. It would help if you took certain precautions to use Softonic to download games.

  • Once you enter the Softonic website, you will enter the homepage.
  • The site will take you to the program link when you search for a certain program.
  • Make sure to click on the right download button. Pressing the wrong one can cause malware to flood into your system.
  • After pressing the button, the site will take you to another page that offers a download manager.
  • Click on the option of ‘No thanks, continue to the app.’
  • Now you will have no need to hit any button, so make sure not to click on any area, or you might get adware.

The download will start itself. Let it be as soon as it is downloading, and once it downloads, open and enjoy whatever you downloaded. Softonic used to be easy to navigate and adware-free at first, but it is not now, so you need to be extra cautious.

Is Softonic Safe? How do I know if a download is safe?

We can know if a download is safe. Companies like google check the authenticity of the download. These companies scan the website before letting it download. Google security authorizes most of the downloads themselves. If they are going to cause trouble to your PC, then google will restrict the operations of such websites. Web of Trust also scans for any websites with infections and does not download those sites. Softonic is safe because of such systems that back it up and make it safer. If it weren’t for them, Softonic would be a very vulnerable software.

What are the Risks while performing the Task on Softonic?

Websites like Softonic are very well-liked. Especially by people who like to game a lot due to easy access and a major download portal. Yet, there is deep concern from the regular downloaders about the malicious programs, ransomware, and malware accompanying the downloads. Softonic claims that there is no harmful content and it is 100% free of any virus. It also claims there are regular scans to prevent any such infection. There are still risk to such websites. These include:

Conversion of software to Malware if it is Attacked by Virus

Softonic is made of third-party download sites. These are a hub for online hackers and malicious malware. If you, by chance, land on a website that’s infected, your PC will get infected too. It will last in the background unless you take proper steps to remove the viruses. It can cause all the data on your PC to get removed. Hackers can access private data and even cause the PC system to shut down.

Old and outdated site Versions are more Prone to bring Along Malware:

Out of all the user reviews, one of the most common reviews is that the download link on Softonic is old. These ancient sites and links can cause a lot of trouble. Old stuff means it is most likely infected with bugs and can have many security issues. The latest versions are not prone to such issues. The older versions have been here for some time, so hackers have learned how to use them in their favor. These old versions are very risky to use.

Malicious ads that Appear while Downloading:

One of the biggest concerns of all the users is the constant appearance of ads. The original websites are safe to use; but, their ads are unsafe. These ads might show explicit content, making it unsafe for children. You might have to activate child security features. If you by mistake click on them, these ads can download infected files to your PC, which might corrupt the entire system.

Is Softonic Safe And Legal to Use?

Is Softonic Safe And Legal to Use?

Softonic is not considered very safe; yet, it is legitimate, and its websites are legal.

How To Download Safe And Legal Content From Softonic?

To download safe and legal content, you need to download other applications. They should detect any unwanted bugs and virus that is trying to slip through.

What is the Purpose of Softonic?

The purpose of Softonic is to provide people with a platform where they can download stuff. It includes games, movies, applications, software, and files. These are available on Softonic free of cost, and the downloading process is very easy for users.

Is Softonic safe from viruses? Why or why not?

Softonic is not very safe from viruses. Although many apps scan this website for viruses, some sites manage to get through the system.

What is the Future of Download sites like Softpedia, Softonic, and CNET

The future of these sites is that they will have to shift their focus to becoming useful websites. Or have to up their services. They will need to get rid of the malware to thrive in this world of competition. A new download site every day is being launched. These sites will die if there are no changes.

Why are software download websites dying? Tucows Download com Softonic etc.?

Software download websites are dying because these sites have become spam. They show nothing more than ads and are a hub for online hackers. People vary in the malware that these sites bring along.

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FAQ – Is Softonic Safe?

Is Softonic safe for Mac?

No, Softonic is not safe for Mac. Their applications and downloads are still full of malware. So it is best to avoid Softonic as much as possible and use it only when you feel it is very necessary. It claims to have more than 30 scanning apps but still, it isn’t considered very safe.

Are free downloads safe?

It is not always safe to download free applications, games, and software. There are some free secure downloads, but there are hidden viruses and bugs. These download along with the files in most cases. You are at greater risk if you download pirated software and file. They can be free and easy to download but very harmful.

Why do Users Think Softonic is not Safe?

Softonic has stepped up its game and started providing software called Softonic Downloader. This app replaces your current browser. Many are not satisfied with this change as this software is malware and can easily damage the system.

Which is better for downloading CNET or Softonic? And why?

CNET and Softonic both have their benefits. CNET has more child safety ratings. It has a 95% child safety score compared to the 82% score of Softonic. Both these websites are flowing with download managers. You need to download a different web manager for every other site you try to download. It is a nuisance for everyone.

CNET has more child safety ratings, but it is generally not trustworthy as Softonic. Users consider it suspicious in many ways, and it brings along many adware and viruses. There are equal suspicions about Softonic. People dislike that Softonic changed the browser to its liking. It may bring along malware while downloading.

In short, CNET is a bit more reliable than Softonic. It has a higher child safety rating and is more trustworthy than Softonic. It is best to use adblocker whenever you use any two sites.

Majority Softonic Reviews are Positive

Softonic has many loyal users, and many of the people who use it have given positive reviews. It is a popular opinion among users that Softonic is a site clean from viruses and is very easy to use. The software scanning takes place through antivirus programs every 30 minutes. Almost about 76% of people have given positive ratings about this site.

Why is Softonic popular only in Spain?

Softonic is not popular only in Spain. It has millions of users that download millions of files, apps, movies, and games every day. But, it is best known in Spain as it has originated in Spain and the location of head office is in Barcelona, Spain.

At first, the site’s language was Spanish, which made it even closer to the Spanish people’s hearts. Now it is available in dozens of languages, with English being the primary language.

Why is Softonic popular only in Spain?

What does the Google Transparency Report of Softonic?

Google has a feature of examining all websites and links available on it. It sees if they are malicious websites or might harm someone. According to the Google Transparency Report, it is hard to provide an exact status on safety. As per the report, websites linked through Softonic are generally safe. But there might be some safety issues in some of the sites. So Google Safety cannot give an accurate statement.

How to remove Softonic Safe Search Redirect?

Softonic safe search is a browser hijacker. It comes with software that you download. The site may download it without your knowledge. Some of these free software download unknown files. Due to this browser hijacker, it will change your browser to Softonic Safe Search. You need to follow the following steps to get rid of this browser hijacker:

1. Uninstall the Softonic Safe Search browser from your windows.
2. Use Zemana Antivirus software to remove the Softonic Safe Search redirect.
3. Use Malwarebytes. IT helps find any adware or browser that can further harm your PC even when Safe Search Redirect is gone.
4. Use the app Hitmanpro to check if there are still any remaining malicious programs on your PC.
5. The last step is to reset your browser to the original settings that they were in before.

Overview – Is Softonic Safe?

In today, we do not use such downloading websites very often anymore. Still, we cannot deny that they have had a very important role. Many people have benefitted from the services they offer. New sites are taking their place with better security and features. Due to new advancements, new websites are taking over.

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