Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product or Own By Pepsi? Explained 2022

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Dr. Pepper is one of America’s most beloved soda and premium beverages. It is available in Canada too. It will not be wrong to say Dr. pepper is a regional delicacy of America.

New York is called the Dr. Pepper capital. It is where this soda originated and flourished in its time. There have been many refreshment beverage companies in the past.

Does Pepsi or Coke Own Dr. Pepper

Yet, none have left their mark like Dr. Pepper. It owns international distribution rights and has an acceptable licensing deal.

Does Pepsi or Coke Own Dr Pepper?

Coke and Pepsi are some of the most beloved soda brands and soft drink companies. But Dr. Pepper is not a coca-cola or Pepsi product.

Coke once tried to buy it when Dr pepper was declared bankruptcy, but antitrust issues prevented it. Coke does own some of the distribution of Dr. Pepper in some states of the world, such as Europe.

Likewise, Pepsi owns some share of the distribution of Dr. Pepper as well. In the areas of the globe where Dr. Pepper does not have much market share compared to the two big giants, Coca-cola and Pepsi. Furthermore, Dr. Pepper uses Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottling facilities to bottle its drinks.

What Company Owns Dr Pepper Soda?

Dr. Pepper soda is a product of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. This American multinational company is one of the three largest soda-making businesses globally.

This business entity was established in 2008 and still is one of North America’s top beverage companies. It is involved in manufacturing and bottling more than 50 brands of beverages.

History of Dr Pepper

The infamous name ‘ Dr. Pepper’ was first used in 1885. It was one of the first sodas in the soda industry. It was first introduced in America as a soda that was made with 23 flavors.

It was formed by Charles Alderton who was an American pharmacist in Waco. Charles asked Morrison to taste the drink. Morrison approved.

Soon people found out about Morrison Soda fountain and started ordering Dr. Pepper. In the beginning, Dr. Pepper claimed that it had many medicinal uses. Such as aiding digestion and restoring strength.

The recipe of Dr. Pepper is a trade secret and is kept in two separate safe deposit boxes. There was once this rumor that Dr. Pepper contains prune juice.

The owners denied this as prune juice is a laxative. They claimed Dr. Pepper has many artificial and natural flavors, but there is no prune juice.

They considered it a way for competitors to get Dr. Pepper out of the market. Some drinkers still claim that it does taste like prune juice.

There have been many instances of the legal battle between Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper sued Coca-Cola sodas in 1951.

Dr. Pepper believed that they sold the nickel coca colas at a very under-cost price. It caused a restraint on the market.

Dr. Pepper was declared a “Non-Cola” soft drink in 1969. The CEO ‘Clements’ then made agreements for distribution.

These were with the coca-cola bottlers and distribution company to bottle and distribute Dr. Pepper. This company had the largest bottling line and most New York Metropolitan City distribution centers.

The rivalry between Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper remained strong. In 1972, Coca-Cola Sodas launched a soft drink called Peppo.

Dr. Pepper sued them for this similar name as it violated the trademark. Later, Coca-Cola renamed it to Mr. Pibb.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Pepper wasn’t in good condition and soon became insolvent. An investment company took it.

Coca-Cola saw it as an opportunity to take up a competitor and tried to buy it but was denied by Federal Trade Organizations.

The company that acquired Dr. Pepper also got Seven Up. These beloved beverage brands merged, and they lost branding rights during this merging.

Due to this, it was easy for Coca-Cola Enterprises to get the Non-US rights and bottler acquisitions of Dr pepper. But, Pepsi bottling group snatched up the seven up branding rights. Pepsi and Coca-cola bottling facilities took charge.

In 1995, Federal Trade Commission decided to stop the merging of Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. They believed that this merger would cause a monopoly of pepper flavor in the soft drink industry.

1n 1996, Dr. Pepper took part in antitrust activities, including Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, NFL properties, and Nike. Dr. Pepper was a regular participant in the antitrust in the 1990s.

In 1998, there was an antitrust between Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper about the pepper flavoring category.

Flavor variations History

Flavor variations History

Over the years, there have been many flavor variants of Dr. Pepper. These are:

  • (2002-2004) During this period, Dr. Pepper Red fusion was available in the U.S. It had the taste of pepper cherry and had a bright red color. The production got canceled within a year.
  • (2004-2007) Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla was the star of these years. It has intense cherry and vanilla taste. It was available in the U.S and also Canada for a short while. A diet cherry vanilla dr pepper was later released too.
  • (2006-2007) They launched Dr. Pepper berries & cream in these years. It was one of the best in the soda pop classics.
  • (2007-2008) Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper was released in 2007. This flavor was limited edition and was even shown in Cherry Rain by Tay Zonday. Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper soon replaced it.
  • (2009) This year, Dr pepper cherry came into the market. It was the 10th best-selling soda flavor of the year.
  • (2009) Heritage Dr Pepper is one of the most known flavors. It contains high fructose corn syrup instead of a lot of sugar which made Heritage Dr. Pepper love.
  • (2010) Dr. Pepper made with natural and real sugar was launched. It was real sugar-based dr pepper (cane sugar) instead of high fructose corn syrup in other versions. This version has 20-ounce bottles with old stickers of Dr. Pepper.
  • (2014) In this year, Dr. Pepper vanilla float got on the market. It had the taste of vanilla ice cream. This flavor was a special edition for the summertime.
  • (2013) Pepper zero was launched this year. It is diet dr pepper. It had low calories. There is no additional sugar. People also call it Pepper free.Dublin Dr Pepper variant did not last long in the market.
  • Pepper Ten

Why the name Dr Pepper?

Wade Morrison, the owner of Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas, where they made the first Dr. Pepper, was in love with a girl.

Her father was a physician and surgeon named Charles T. Pepper. After his name, the owner of a drug store named the soda Dr. Pepper. Other researchers say that Dr. Charles T. Pepper was a friend of a drug store owner.

Does Dr Pepper Contain Prune Juice?

Dr. Pepper does not contain prune juice. Prune juice is neither on Dr pepper’s ingredients nor any of its 23 flavors. Many times, it has been said that prune juice is a flavor of Dr Pepper.

But the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group proved the rumor wrong by stating that Dr pepper is a unique blend of natural and artificial flavors. They claim it does not contain prune juice.

Does Dr Pepper Contain Caffeine?

Yes, Dr pepper contains caffeine. As can be seen in the ingredients of Dr pepper, caffeine is a part of it. One 14 oz. Bottle of Dr pepper, whether it is regular or diet, contains 41mg of caffeine.

However, for those who like to have caffeine-free drinks, one of the 23 flavors of Dr pepper is available. It is “Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper.” This flavor is caffeine-free and follows the same original signature recipe.

Dr Pepper Ingredients

Dr pepper beverage concoction contains:

Dr. Pepper Ingredients
  • Colour (Caramel E150d)
  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar
  • Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)
  • Additional flavors (inclusive of caffeine)
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Aspartame)
  • A Source of Phenylalanine.
  • All these are filled in plastic bottles or cans.

FAQ – Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product

Does Dr Pepper association with Coke and Pepsi?

Dr pepper is a product of Keurig Dr Pepper Group and is not produced by PepsiCo. or The Coca-Cola Company. There is a misconception that Dr pepper is a product of PepsiCo.
Or the Coca-Cola Company. Because the Keurig Group has some partnerships with both of these companies related to bottling and warehouses. There are many Coke and Pepsi factories in which Dr. Pepper soft drinks are stored and bottled. The Keurig Dr. Pepper is a large combined group that is the parent company of Dr. Pepper.

Does Dr Pepper Is Not Legally Considered as a Cola?

Dr. Pepper is not a cola product. In its early years, it was only popular in the North and Northwest of America. At the same time, Pepsi and Coca-Cola were popular all across the nation and marketed their respective syrups into Colas. Hence, due to the strong dominion of these two giant companies, Dr. Pepper could not break these markets.
In 1963, that was when Dr. Pepper was declared a Non-Cola product. The federal court announced that the feature which does not qualify Dr. Pepper as a ‘cola product’ is its distinctive flavor. Now, without negating their deals with Coca-Cola and PepsiCo., bottlers could distribute Dr. Pepper. Soon Dr. Pepper became popular all across America.

Does Dr Pepper a Coke Product or Does It a Pepsi Product?

Dr. Pepper is neither a Coke product nor a Pepsi product. The manufacturer of Dr. Pepper is Keurig Dr. Pepper. The confusion arises because its manufacturer has some business collaborations with Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.
About bottling and storage. Many people have seen trucks of Dr. Pepper leaving from the factories of these two companies.

Is Coke better than Dr Pepper?

Dr. Pepper is better than Coke in many aspects. It contains less sugar than Coke. 250 ml of Dr. Pepper contains 12g of sugar, whereas the same amount of Coke contains 27g of sugar. People also love Dr. Pepper because of its 23 exciting flavors. Some coke lovers say that Dr. Pepper tastes none like Coke. But for some people, it’s a heavenly feeling of cherry flavor left in their mouths after they drink Dr. Pepper. Also, a plus point is that it is less acidic than Coke; hence, Coke is a threat to our body’s calcium levels which may fall. Dr. Pepper also has lower calories than Coke.
After all, both are carbonated drinks of almost the same kind. And we should avoid having them in large quantities. Both contain caffeine. It can cause dizziness, nausea, and tolerance and damage the liver. Either more or less, sugar is a part of them. If taken daily, it can lead to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.
Acids in these beverages cause erosion of enamel and tooth decay. Also, cause acidity in the stomach and weakening of bones.

Is Dr Pepper the same as Coke?

No. Dr. Pepper is not the same as Coke. It is considered one of the best non-coke products. It has less caffeine than Coke and has more distinct flavors than Coke. Dr pepper drinkers say that Coke and Dr. Pepper beverage concoctions have artificial flavors.
But still, Dr. Pepper is their beverage of choice. It has a cherry vanilla hint, whereas Coke has a more acidic taste. Coke is considered one of the most acidic sodas on the market.

Which came out first, Coca Cola or Dr Pepper?

Dr. Pepper landed in the American beverage market before Coke. When makers created root beer in 1876, a new trend of sodas started. The first cola drink was introduced in 1881, but the Coke that we now love was introduced much later in 1886. Dr. Pepper was introduced a year before Coke in 1885.

Who Owns Dr Pepper 2022?

Keurig Green Mountain purchased Dr. Pepper Snapple in 2018 for $18.7 billion. It was renamed Keurig Dr. Pepper, and this way, the third-largest business of soft drinks in North America was born.

Are Coke and Dr Pepper the same?

Dr Pepper is a popular drink in the United States. It is a blend of carbonated water, caramel color, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, and a combination of artificial and natural flavors. Coca-Cola is a popular American soft drink that has been around for a long time. It was introduced in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Final Words – Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product

Dr. Pepper gets a lot of love in America, and it is one of the most trusted American beverage companies. There are many new competitors in the beverage industry. Dr. Pepper needs a better marketing campaign.

It needs to start an advertising campaign, so people still remember Dr. pepper coast to coast and want to try. Otherwise, this will go extinct like many other beverage products. They, too, couldn’t reach their audience through nationwide networks. Famous drink, digestive aid, health benefits, and artificial sweeteners.

They have used techniques for marketing, like Pepper girl, to increase the rating in the beverage digest and ledger book. But only that is not enough to sustain, especially with another soft drink maker like Coke. dr pepper company, dr pepper girl, dr pepper bottle, kraft foods.

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