How to Respond to LoL From Girl or Guy? Ultimate Guide

LOL is a known slang for representing laughter. Now it has become outdated slang, and its use in conversations is different from its actual meaning. Still, many people use LOL in chats for many different purposes. Lol was very hyped in the early 2000s.

How to Respond to LoL

It can be considered one of the first slang words of that era, and anyone who did not use LOL was considered old-fashioned. Nowadays, LOL has replaced many new slang words that serve the same function, but LOL will always be special to our generation because of our infinite use.

What Does Meaning of “LOL”

It means Laugh Out Loud or Laughing Out Loud. In electronic conversations, people often use LOL to respond to something funny or be sarcastic and insult someone. Lol can be fitted in a sentence as a verb and an interjection. For example, “I lol every time I watch Friends” LOL means to laugh out loud.

Still, in reality, it shows just a little bit of amusement because over time, it is not the same LOL as it used to be a few years back, and you don’t expect someone to be laughing out loud when you say LOL a one-word text to them in an actual conversation in real life. Behind the screens, people don’t bother to laugh at all and find LOL a lame slang now.

How to Respond to LOL In a Text?

You will barely expect LOL in a conversation with your friends, but from people with whom you have to be a little bit careful while talking, or they are strangers to you. Depending on the mood of the chat, whether it’s a funny conversation, a dry conversation, a serious topic, lame texts, or flirty texts, you will have to respond to LOL accordingly.

Here are some ways to help you out with it so that next time you use to receive a LOL in the form of text, you know what it means and how to respond to it on any conversation topic. For instance, you are having a conversation with anyone. You can judge the atmosphere and the heat by talking, responding, and the previous chat. If someone is texting LOL to you many times during a conversation, there is simply no need to reply to them.

Lol, Back to Them

Sending back a Lol to them is perfect if your chat contains something funny, this will keep the chat on a lighter note. Use may use any alternatives to show amusement, such as “ha hahaha” or any new slang. The point of sending a LOL back means that you also find something hilarious, and yours and the person you are talking to share the vibe.

Send an emoji in response.

An emoji will be a great response to light up the dull conversation if you have one. It is almost unavoidable to have a conversation and not use an emoji. An emoji can get you out of an awkward situation, lift the mood, show a better response than LOL. Also, this handy option works great for those who are tired of typing for long.


Ignoring might be a rude alternative and one of those unsympathetic responses. But, when there is not much left to say, and the conversation is not worthy of your time, ignore it. Or, if you feel like the conversation is spoiling your mood, it can affect your real-life and disturb your peace because it is one of those with an inadequate response. Do not reply. Leave it as it is.

Try to Change the Subject.

Changing subject is one great alternative to keep the conversation comfortable. Judging from the kinds of responses you are getting, the hints that they don’t want to talk about it anymore, and the time it took to reply to the LOL you sent, you can change the topic if you see the conversation becoming sour or going wrong. Do it in a way that will not make the other person guilty.

For example, asking them out about how their work is going or telling them something about you will shift the conversation.

End the conversation.

Ending the conversations is the only way out when you see that the conversations are becoming very tense and the messages are too hostile. Get yourself out of the mess by putting an end to chatting respectfully but firmly. For example, “Hey, I got to go, for now, talk to you again soon!”

Always Consider Who You are Talking To

You have to keep in mind with whom you are talking and your relationship with them. Along with this, you have to consider everyone you are talking to. Be calm and respectful, avoid unsympathetic responses and one-word answers unless needed, but most importantly, consider the relation. Sending a LOL text to your boss at work might put you in trouble! LOL is mostly used with familiar people. It could be your great one-word answers to any funny text, video, or audio shared with your friends or family group.

What Does Context Matter When Responding to LOL?

Context matters a lot, and it shows where the conversation is going. Writing LOL to someone could be in a funny context, which keeps the conversation great, and both people match the vibe perfectly, as it is amusing. But many times, LOL is used to insult someone. The context could be to point out someone’s mistake, to be sarcastic while talking so you can let the other person feel bad it could be a sign for you to know that the other person does not want to chat with you anymore/ about this topic anymore and you should mind your own business.

Study How the Phrase is Written

Make your mind accordingly and study the phrase deeply depending on the conversation topic. It will also help you extract what the other person wants to convey if they cannot say something to you straight away. Reply accordingly, take a look at the previous chat as well. Even if your reply is a LOL, that would be considered one of those supportive responses.

Studying helps you win the chat, do not misunderstand anyone else because you did not look at the texts properly. It could be very sensitive for some people that the other person did not understand their text or failed to convey what they wanted to.

Look Back at Your Previous Conversations

Looking back at the previous conversations is a great way to communicate actually. The purpose of doing this is to be sure that you understand what the other person wants to convey to you and how the whole theme of the chat has developed. You can see the person’s mood and check what went wrong and what to do now!

You can even share any old photo or video or a message as a reminder to the person or as a conversation starter source. You can find old funny memes and hilarious vines in the chat, which can be shared, and the mood can be lifted in boring chats.

If a Person uses LOL as part of their Counterargument, they are worthy of Interaction.

We can only judge the situation by looking at the previous chats. Suppose the LOL was a disrespect for you, no need to interact. Leave the chat. If the LOL was a part of the counter agreement, but you can tell us that the other person is embarrassed or guilty, continue the conversation. Nowadays, LOL is just a part of a counterargument, mostly with a very different context to what it means!

FAQ – Lol

Why Do People Say “LOL”

People say LOL to show amusement or that they find something funny. People mostly use it while interacting on chat and not in real life.

How to Respond to LOL From a Guy?

LOL, from a guy probably means that he actually found the chat/thing shared to be funny, and he laughed aloud. But if a guy uses Lol in a way he says, “today was the best day of my life Lol,” that would mean that he had the worst day actually and is being sarcastic with you.

You can plan on answering accordingly. Taking a look at the previous chats will help you understand the meaning of the LOL better. You can ask him in detail later on about what he meant when he said it.

How to Reply to LOL From a Girl?

If a girl responds LOL to your messages, she might be saying it genuinely and is entertained by the funny thing you have sent. If a girl is saying LOL repeatedly to you in a chat, it means that she is not much interested in talking to you.

But if this is not the case, you may decide to keep the conversation going, and you can go a little deeper into that topic. You can also change the topic if you think there is nothing much left.

When does a girl say LOL in a text?

Girls say LOL when they find something funny in a text, which is one of those supportive responses to the conversation. LOL repeatedly repeated in a chat is where you should know that now it’s all boring and the girl probably is not interested in talking to you.

What does LOL mean from a girl?

It could be a green signal or a red flag. Depending on the previous chat, the topic of the conversation, you can tell that if the LOL means the girl laughed at what you said to her/sent to her or she is not interested in the chat. Take your sign accordingly and decide the next step!

How would one respond to what’s up

We can respond with a good “hello! nothing much, you tell?” or tell whatever you have been doing to them. If the person is a stranger, you should ask them how they know you.

How to respond to who is this in a text message?

You can ask them simply the reason why they have texted you! Or you can ask back to them about who they are and whom they want to talk to. Or, if you are welcoming enough, tell them about you and continue the chat.

What does it mean when someone responds with LOL?

It could mean that whatever you said/sent was just normal and not so funny and amusing. It could mean that the people are being sarcastic with you and are pointing something out. On the positive side, it could mean that your text and the vibe matches are entertaining the other person.

Is LOL a conversation Ender

LOL could be a conversation ender if the chat were very tense, harsh, and blameful. Or if there is nothing much left to say about a certain topic between two people, LOL could be a conversation ender.

It can also happen if you realize that the other person is not interested in the chat. When the other person is busy but opens the text, they could send a LOL to your message if it was something like this.

What does it mean if a girl uses LOL or Hahaha a lot while Texting

It means that you are entertaining her somehow but not smoothly. It means that you need to step up the game. The girl could be finding a few of your texts funny and laughable, and maybe most of them annoying or boring; she might end up thinking that it’s a little too much.

You can confirm this by seeing the gap of time between the messages. She could be uncomfortable as well, so you have to talk and get your response accordingly!

If someone Replies to a text Message with only a lol, How do you reply?

You reply with an emoji if you want to keep it all good and light. You can try to continue the topic if you think it will be worth it by seeing the previous messages or if now just a dry chat, you can leave it as it is.

How to Respond to lmao

A LOL could respond LMAO! or a laughing emoji in response, and anything you feel can show that it was funny. Lmao stands for Laughing my ass off or Laughing my ass off.

Final Words

LOL, a one-word reply with many meanings in this era is now just outdated slang. Still, many old-fashioned people love to use LOL in their conversations. Now you know how to use LOL, where to use it, with whom to use it, and what it means depending on any situation you are in. Is softonic is safe or active chase debit card.

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