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Home » How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership in 2022? Easy Ways

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership in 2022? Easy Ways

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

How to cancel Planet fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is one of the most well-known health clubs in the United States. People are drawn to these fitness clubs because of their spacious areas, word-class fitness instructors, facilities and equipment, and professional club policies.

Gyms and fitness centers across the United States see an increase in enrollment every January. Thrilled by New Year’s resolutions to improve their health and low introductory rates, eager gym-goers make significant financial commitments to embark on their fitness journey.

Unfortunately, the club staff of Planet Fitness club, like many professional gyms, makes it difficult to cancel your membership plan/ fitness contracts within days’ notice. And so, the cancelation process becomes one hectic job for most of the club members. However, if you have some patience and are willing to step out of your comfort zone for some time, you can easily cancel your Planet Fitness Membership.

Cancel Planet Fitness the Easy Way

The cancellation policy of Planet Health Fitness varies from club to club, and it also depends on the contract terms like the type of gym contract (monthly contracts, yearly contracts).

So, Suppose you want to send the cancellation notice or submit the cancellation form. In that case, it is advised that you visit the Planet Fitness Club in person and talk to the club manager about the entire contract and verify the cancellation policy.

According to the club policies of most gym clubs, you can cancel your subscription by visiting the nearest club locations. One alternative cancelation method is to send a letter of cancellation to your private home club.

Things you will need for the cancellation process:

Membership identification number.

Proof of cancellation

Personal information includes contact number, home address, driving license, and social security number.

Process of cancellation Request:

Read the instructions on the form you got while getting a membership

Note If you signed a monthly contract or a 1-year contract.

 In the case of a monthly contract, you would have to submit your cancellation request 6-7 days before the billing day. If you signed an annual contract, send the cancellation notice before 25, a month before the billing time.

Write a Planet Fitness cancellation Letter.

Send a written notice of cancellation of your gym membership. Since the club charges you a cancellation fee, you can apply for a fee waiver in your cancelation letter. Make sure to include a genuine reason why you would need a release. Find The documents required to attach with your letter are your home address, social security number, driving license, etc.

Request a Meeting for Cancellation

You can call the club membership staff and request that you want to cancel your subscription.

Obtain the Proof of Cancellation

It’s essential that when you write a cancellation letter, you have include Proof of cancellation in your letter. That can be in the form of an employee signing your letter.

Keep a Look at your Bank Accounts.

It is essential to keep checking your debit/credit card and bank statements. If you are being charged monthly or annually without your notice, you need to contact the gym facility.

how to cancel planet fitness membership on the app

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership: Step-By-Step

It would be best to visit your fitness center in person or ship a letter by mail to cancel your Planet fitness club. You can’t cancel your club of Planet fitness by phone or online. Your membership may have already been suspended because of epidemic restrictions, and there is a possibility of obtaining a three-month suspension for medical reasons.

Read your agreement letter/ contract.

Check out the agreement you signed with Planet fitness. Even though you could have signed up with a “no settlement” promotion, you still signed an agreement that designates how you could cancel and what conditions may let you waive your cancellation costs. Irrespective of whether you pay annually or month-to-month, you likely signed a 1-year settlement.

Cancel your subscription as Early as Possible

Take note of the billing cycle to cancel your membership contract.

Usually, you need to cancel earlier than the 10th of the month for a monthly settlement, as you are generally billed on the seventeenth.

You need to cancel before the 25th of the month while you are billed for an annual settlement.

Prove your Eligibility to have Your cancellation Fee Waived

To get your gym cancellation fees waived, write the reasons in your letter as to why you are eligible for this grant. If you can give written Proof that you are injured or must move out of range of the fitness club, you may be able to waive the fees.

In Case of Injury, Get a Note From your Doctor.

Why would you cancel your gym membership

One of the factors that may justify your cancellation request is interpersonal physical injury or ailment. Ask your health practitioner’s office to write down an observation confirming that you will not be able to apply to the gym facilities. It may speed up the approval for canceling your gym membership.

If you are relocating to a new region, including that in your cancellation letter.

If you move to a new region far away from any Planet health vicinity, the club may cancel your membership. A relocation letter will persuade Planet fitness to shift your membership or cancel it altogether.

 A general rule of thumb is that if you’re shifting to another home, that place must be at least 40-45 kilometers away from the fitness club.

Pay the Cancellation Fee.

In most cases, club members will be required to pay the cancellation fee, which can be as big as the monthly payment of gym facilities.

 But it is also possible to plead your case if certain limitations are making you unable to visit the club. To get the cancellation fees waived, you will have to write Proof that you have relocated or are injured in your cancellation letter. Whatever is the reason for leaving the fitness club, include that in your cancellation request.

Cancel Planet Fitness by mail: Write a gym membership cancellation letter

If you cannot visit your fitness club center, an alternate method of canceling your membership is to send Planet Fitness staff a licensed letter. The letter should include a justification for allowing you to leave the gym and possibly waive your gym fees.

 Following are the documents and information required to include in your gym cancellation letter:

  • Name, email address
  • Phone number
  • Home address
  • Date of birth

Be sure to include a strong reason for terminating the gym membership. It could be due to injury, home shifting, or simply a busy schedule. When you have written the letter, please take it to the post office to mail it.

If you don’t get Notified, call the Fitness Faculty

Even after sending a cancellation letter, If you don’t receive any notification from the gym faculty, you will have to contact their customer service center to inform them of your circumstances. You may also have to visit the club at least once or twice throughout the entire process.

 Take a look at your accounts to ensure that you do not have any monthly or annual charges beyond what you’ve agreed to pay. If you do, you will have to go to the gym and show them the evidence of cancellation so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Why would you cancel your gym membership? 3 Reasons for Canceling Planet


Suppose you have decided to shift your home to another locality, and there is no Fitness club center nearby. In that case, you may want to cancel your membership because otherwise, the club will continue withdrawing money from your bank accounts.

It can be pretty enticing when gym clubs like Planet fitness offer gym enrolment at low cost with monthly membership fees as low as 10 US dollars per month. Most people join the fitness club to gain the advantage of low membership and high-quality equipment. But the problem is, once they have registered themselves into the gym, it can be a very demanding process to cancel the membership. It can be incredibly uncomfortable when a member shifts to another locality with no nearby gym faculty.

Lack of Budget

Another important reason for leaving the club vicinity is lack of budget.

 If you recently faced an unfortunate financial loss or loss of a job, you may want to cut your wallet some slack and cancel the membership.


There are many reasons why you might cancel a gym membership. Physical ailments, injury, etc.

Medical reasons like a sudden injury from a fall or a heavy workout can be enough for you to consider canceling your monthly or annual gym membership.

 A heavy workout is not advisable if you have recently been diagnosed with acute heart, lungs, or kidney diseases. For this reason, you may want to send a gym cancellation notice.

Other Possible Reasons

You may have found a better gym facility.

 You do not have friends or gym partners in your current club

 You are not comfortable with the gym pieces of equipment

 You prefer other ways of maintaining your health

Cancel Planet Fitness by mail: Write a gym membership cancellation letter

It is crucial that you have to write a reasonable and concise letter explaining why you’re canceling your membership. You must include all account information, such as the club’s call, address, email, and most importantly, your phone number.

FAQ – How to Cancel a Planet Fitness

What is Planet Fitness’s phone number, and can I cancel via Phone Call?

Planet Fitness’ contact details may vary from club to club. Enter the club location you were previously enrolled in on the website to contact their customer service department.

In general, you can contact Planet fitness service on 8848807180. But it is not possible to submit a cancellation request via phone call. You either have to visit the club or submit a cancellation letter.

How to Save money on Planet Fitness yearly fee

The best method to save an annual fee on Planet Fitness is to visit the club one or two weeks before your annual billing date and submit the cancellation request.

How to Save money on Planet Fitness yearly fee

How do I cancel my Planet Fitness membership online?

There are only two ways to cancel Planet Fitness membership, visiting the gym to cancel your membership or sending a cancellation letter to the club.

Is there a fee to cancel Planet Fitness?

Yes. You will be charged a cancellation fee when you decide to leave your gym membership, but the cancellation fee can vary depending upon the type of membership (monthly or annual membership)

Why does Planet Fitness make it so Hard to Cancel?

In Planet Fitness, like most gyms, canceling your fitness membership can be quite a nuisance because they do not allow you to cancel your subscription by way of a phone call or through the gym’s website.

Overview – How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

If you’re looking to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you can do a few things. You can meet with the club’s cancellation department in person. In some cases, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee, so check the club’s website for information. You can also cancel your membership online, but you must do so within the cancellation period. You must also provide all necessary documentation to cancel your membership, including your social security number and driver’s license number.

The first step in canceling your Planet Fitness membership is locating the contract you signed. You may not have one, but you should still look for it. The agreement will probably include an authorizing provision to cancel your membership. Depending on the situation, the club might even waive your cancellation fees. If this does not happen, you may need to contact the company’s customer service department to do so.

You should also call the gym to ask how to cancel your membership. It would help if you asked for a cancellation form that is easily accessible online, or you may be encouraged to visit the gym in person. The format is not very user-friendly, and the gym may be unaware that your auto payments were suspended for a couple of months before your request was made. Then you can cancel your membership and not worry about any additional charges.

You should not call the club to cancel your membership. You can cancel online or in person, as long as you have your keypad and can show the receipt of your cancellation. If a Planet Fitness representative has contacted you, have your proof of cancellation on hand. You should be able to get a refund if you have canceled your membership, but you should not expect it early in the billing cycle.

The first step to cancel a Planet Fitness membership is to contact the club. Then, you should follow the company’s cancellation policy to ensure that you can easily cancel your membership. If the club doesn’t respond to your cancellation notice, you can send it to the company’s main headquarters. You can also mail the letter by certified mail. After you send it, the cancellation will be reflected in your bank account within a week.

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