How Many Beers to Get Drunk? Alcohol Affects & Safe Drinking

How Many Miller Lites to Get Drunk?

Beer has reached the third most popular drink after tea and water. In many areas of the world, beer is a staple drink embraced for family comfort. Several things can become your motivation to drink beer. Who doesn’t want an escape from problems? Such people come up with a beer as a solution. This alcoholic drink can show its effects on the brain within 5 to 10 minutes after consumption. People having beer other than for fun, power, or ceremonial reasons, a major purpose is to get drunk.

How Many Beers Does It Take to Get Drunk?

A person gets drunk when the blood alcohol concentration reaches 0.08% or above it. A small amount of beer is actually beneficial for the body for it reduces the risk of heart attack by 30% to 50%.

If you are consuming more than enough, then it can be harmful. How much beer you need to get drunk or how much beer affects your body and in what way depends on several elements. For example, your body weight, sex, age, height, activities, etc., are a few factors. 

BAC Chart for Men

Approximate blood alcohol percentage
Beers Body weight in pounds
  100 140 180
2 0.08 0.05 0.04
4 0.15 0.11 0.08
6 0.23 0.16 0.13
8 0.30 0.21 0.17
10 0.38 0.27 0.21


  • Red: life threatening
  • Yellow: legally drunk, penalties
  • Grey: driving skills affected, possible penalties.

BAC Chart for Women

Approximate blood alcohol percentage
Beers Body weight in pounds
  100 140 180
2 0.09 0.07 0.05
4 0.18 0.13 0.10
6 0.27 0.19 0.15
8 0.36 0.26 0.20
10 0.45 0.32 0.25

Key: same key as given for male BAC chart.

Definition of Being Drunk

If beer is one of your favorite drinks, it would be helpful to know how much it can make you drunk. What does it mean when we say ‘get drunk?’ the blood alcohol level becomes above 0.08% when someone gets drunk.

In America, such a person is considered ‘legally drunk.’ The effects of alcohol can be seen through your behavior.

You possess an imbalanced body, affected speech, unusual movement of the body. It’s not safe to drive for a drunk person.

Many countries worldwide charge you with a penalty if you have any alcohol content more than zero in your body. The feeling of being drunk is something more and different than being buzzed.

Where intoxication can give you a sense that your body is functioning well, it can cause you to have lesser control over your emotions

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

The levels of intoxication caused by alcohol are measured in BAC (body alcohol concentration). BAC, also called ‘Drunkenness,’ is usually manifested in the form of percentage per blood volume.

To calculate BAC, not only online calculators are available, but also you can use Widmark’s equation. According to this equation, [alcohol consumed in grams/ (body weight in grams x r)] x 100. Where ‘r’ is the gender constant.

For males r= 0.68 and for females r= 0.55. As mentioned earlier, 0.08% BAC means you are drunk; it is the legal limit for drivers over 21 years in the US. BAC above that means you have to bear penalties. For those below 21 years, the legal BAC limit is 0.01% to 0.05%, but above that, they would face more strict punishments.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Chart

A ‘body alcohol concentration’ chart manifests the percentage of your blood concentrated with alcohol. It clearly elaborates how much drinks can concentrate how much of your blood according to your body weight. You can find a BAC online and take its help according to your need.

How to Not Get Drunk Fast

How pleasant will it be to be able to enjoy more drinks and not get drunk too fast? Some pro tips below can help you with this:

1. Keep a check on the alcohol content of the drink you consume. Not every alcoholic drink has the same amount of alcohol in it. The more it is alcoholic, the faster you will get drunk.

2. Set a limit to the number of drinks consumed daily. Scientists suggest having only 4 average drinks per day, not more than that. Remember that more drinking can develop tolerance, making you drink more every subsequent time.

3. Increase the time between drinks and keep a slow pace while drinking. Expanding the time will help by making sure that a lower amount of alcohol goes into your body. You can also try drinking water or any other soft drink between two alcoholic drinks during the interval. Drinking at a slow pace will make you feel more enjoyable while drinking.

4. Do not skip out on meals and do drink water. They are just like your well-wishers. Having a meal before an alcoholic drink can lower the effects of alcohol on your brain and body. Similarly, having water along with a drink causes its dilution and lowers its effects. 

5. It hurts when we can’t resist the drinks with friends. All our plans of avoiding drinking get to nothing. You can try saying no; otherwise, peer pressure will destroy your life.

6. Go for alcohol-free or low alcohol drinks to keep yourself from getting drunk at a faster rate.

How Many Bud Lights to Get Drunk?

How Many Bud Lights to Get Drunk?

Bud light beer comes in three types of packaging 8 fl oz, 12 fl oz, and bud light platinum. In the case of bud light platinum, it would need only three to four bottles to get drunk.

For the bottle of 12 fluid ounces, 5 bottles are enough to intoxicate a 190 pounds man in one hour legally. A woman weighing 160 pounds would require four 12 fl oz bottles to get drunk in an hour.

The alcohol content in bud light is 4.2%. The 8 fl oz cans of bud light, 7 to 8 such cans can make a 190 pounds man legally drunk in one hour. a woman would need 5 to 6 similar bud light cans to get drunk in an hour.

How Much 3.2% Alcohol Drinks to Get Drunk?

Let’s take an example of an average person, i.e., above 21 years, mentally and physically healthy, well slept, and not tired. Such an average female of 160 pounds weight would require about 4 to 5 beers with 3.2% ABV (alcohol by volume) to get legally drunk.

Similarly, it would need 6 to 7 beers with 3.2% ABV for such an average male of 190 pounds to get his blood alcohol content to 0.08%.

The calculations may vary depending on health conditions, age, weight, etc., for other people. It is not only valid for beers but also for all 3.2% ABV drinks.

How Many Non-Alcoholic Beers to Get Drunk?

No matter how you produce beer, alcohol production is a part of the process. The content of alcohol in beer can be brought to a minimum by producers, but it can never become zero.

Labeled as non-alcoholic, beers contain less than 0.05% ABV. Our body’s alcohol absorption rate is more, so the chances to get drunk with non-alcoholic beer are less but not zero.

A German study shows that 67 persons drank 1.5 liters of non-alcoholic beer for an hour. After checking the results, their blood alcohol concentration was below 0.0056%.

This percentage was much below the legal limit of intoxication. The effects of non-alcoholic beer are so easy to handle by our body. Researches show that it needs 40 non-alcoholic beers to achieve a legal intoxication level in an hour.

 FAQ – How Many Beers to Get Drunk

How Many Coors to Get Drunk?

One of the popular beers, Coors light, contains 4.2% ABV and is required in the same amount as bud light to get drunk.

The bottle sizes of Coors light are 8 fl oz and 12 fl oz. A man weighing 190 pounds would require 7 to 8 cans of 8 fl oz or 5 bottles of 12 fl oz to get drunk properly in an hour.

For a woman weighing 160 pounds, 5 to 6 cans of 8 fl oz or 4 Coors light bottles of 12 fl oz will be enough to intoxicate in an hour.

How Many Budweisers to Get Drunk?

Budweiser beer is a favorite to most of the American people. Unlike Coors and bud light, the alcohol content in Budweiser is 5%.

This means a lower amount is needed to get drunk. Budweiser comes in various sizes, from 7 to 40 ounces, but the one that is commonly liked is the 12 oz bottle.

A 190 pounds man can get legally drunk with 4 such bottles of Budweiser and a 160 pounds woman with 3 such bottles in an hour. So this amount of beer takes your blood alcohol content to 0.08% or above.

How Many Miller Lites to Get Drunk?

Miller Lite, a beer made up of high-quality ingredients, contains 4.2% ABV. Unlike other beers mentioned above, miller lite comes in sizes of 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz cans. We will take the 16 oz can as a reference.

An average man of good health conditions and 190 pounds weight would need 3 to 4 miller lite cans to get legally drunk in an hour. For a healthy woman of 160 pounds, 3 cans are enough to intoxicate her legally.

How Many Beers to Get Drunk?

Beer drinkers know very well about the required quantity, but beginners do need some information regarding it. You can use charts or online BAC calculators to know how much beer gets you drunk according to your body type.

For this, you need to try several kinds of beers, but one at a time for a few days. Record the percentage of alcohol in the beer you try and make deductions according to calculators or charts. If the BAC value is 0.08%, then you are legally intoxicated.

Can 2 beers Get you Drunk

A person whose blood alcohol level gets 0.08% or above is considered legally drunk. How many beers can intoxicate you depends on the ABV value of the beer.

If two of the beers contain enough alcohol to take your BAC to 0.08% or more, then yes, 2 beers can get you legally drunk.

Can 2 beers Get you Drunk

Can 1 beer get you drunk

Beers come with different ABV values. Some can contain less than 1% ABV, while others can have more than 10% ABV. Usually, beers have 3.5% to 7% ABV.

Hence you need to know alcohol content to recognize if 1 beer can get you drunk or not. You can simply use online calculators or charts for this purpose.

How many Guinness Beers could get you Drunk

The ABV content in Guinness is lesser than that of a typical beer. You’ll probably be delighted to know that you can drink a little more Guinness beers than the typical ones to get drunk.

How many Beers to get drunk by Weight

People with more bodyweight need more beers to get equally drunk. For example, if a person weighing 100 pounds needs 2 to 3 beers to get drunk, then a person weighing 200 pounds would need 3 to 4 beers.

 Why you can’t get Drunk on low-alcohol Beer

Having a low-alcohol beer would hardly cause drunkenness. A major reason is that the alcohol in these drinks is so less, making the body process it before reaching the level where we feel drunk.

How many bottles of beer does it take you to get properly drunk

The amounts of beer required to get drunk vary for every individual. How beer affects your body depends on your gender, weight, health conditions, food consumption, and activities. On average, it takes 4 to 5 beers for a man and 3 to 4 beers for a woman to get properly drunk.

Final Words – How Many Beers to Get Drunk

Different companies around the world sell beer. Each of them is different when it comes to alcohol concentration in them. Hence, we can conclude that different beers are required in different amounts to get drunk.

It’s always wise to know the requirement of alcohol by your body to get drunk. It not only helps you to drink within a limit but also keeps your life away from risks. Just know its alcohol content before having a beer. Use charts and calculators. Have safe drinking. How many ounces in a gallon of water and what does sword fish taste like.

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