Elaine Starchuk – Biography, Net Worth & Tommy Lee’s Ex-wife

Elaine Starchuk

Elaine Margaret is a famous former model. She worked for magazines like Playboy and the penthouse. She is not only known as a model but also as the first wife of the American drummer, Tommy Lee. Elaine managed to achieve a lot as a model and businesswoman. She managed to create a storm in the playboy magazine and later became the best lash business owner of her time.

Elaine Starchuk’s Bio In A Nutshell

Elaine Margaret Starchuk was born in Vancouver on April 7, 1964. Most of her school education has been in Vancouver. After receiving her high school diploma, she went to the United States of America. She of starting a modeling career and making a name for herself in the modeling industry.

She was not interested in receiving a formal education with books and classes. Elaine began modeling for publications as soon as she turned 18. It led to her first-ever shoot for Playboy Magazine. It is when she started gaining fame as a playboy model.

By the time she entered her adult life, she had been in many adult magazines, such as Nude BC. The majority of her early personal life, except her school education, has been secret.

Elaine Starchuk’s Career As A Model

School education did not appeal to Elaine. What she wanted was a successful career in modeling like many women worldwide. To reach her dreams of being a magazine model, Elaine got breast augmentation surgery at 16 (early life).

Even though she was a beautiful lady with stunning features, she still wanted to look perfect. Her career in modeling started at the very young age of 18. She aimed to be the most well-known Canadian model. She began as a magazine model and was a Miss Nude Model for a while.

She also modeled for Playboy and the penthouse magazines. Modeling for these magazines might seem like an achievement as they are very famous. But Elaine had come looking for more when she decided to model in magazines.

Elaine Starchuk’s Surgery

There are few available records of surgeries or any procedures Elaine has undergone. Before starting her career as an 18-year-old model, she got breast augmentation surgery (breast implants). Later on, in 2013, Elaine got another breast surgery in which she got implants, but it damaged her chest.

She has not confessed to having anything done to her lips. But we can see in her before and after photos that she has undergone some lip surgery to make her lips fuller. In 2016, Elaine was injured when an automobile got out of control and crashed into her car.

It caused broken ribs and loss of breath due to chest injuries. She was immediately taken to the Royal Columbian Hospital. There she underwent recovery surgery.

Elaine Starchuk’s Estimated Net Worth

Due to Elaine’s professional career as a well-known model and business lady, her net worth is $500K. Another thing that boosts her net worth is brand endorsements.

Elaine started her brand, Enlightened lashes, in 2007. There were only three other lash producers, which gave her a business advantage.

She was also the first in Canada to open an Eyelash extension institute. She called it the Enlightened Eyelash Academy.

Tommy Lee was Elaine’s ex-husband, a famous musician with a net worth of $80 million. He has recorded almost 20 albums and was a part of 2 successful bands. His net worth also added to his net worth of Elaine.

Elaine Starchuk And Tommy Lee’s Reason For Their Partnership To Fail

Tommy and Elaine did not let the media know what caused the marriage to fall apart within days of the ceremony. People can only speculate.

Some sources claim that Elaine did not wish to stay in a long-term relationship. She felt suffocated that she was married and had to commit to this person for life.

She had many boyfriends in the past before her marriage. These are rumors, and we do not know what went wrong.

But whatever it was, the two decided to part ways on a mutual understanding. Elaine married Todd Marshall, but it ended on the list of unsuccessful marriages.

After a while, Elaine dated Anders Erikson for five years, but the relationship did not always last. The American musician Tommy too faced two failed marriages after Elaine.

Elaine Starchuk And Her Astonishingly Short-Lived Marriage. The Whirlwind Romance With Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee was a famous American drummer who was a part of the Motley Crue band, a glam metal band. The band started in 1981 and later became very famous in America. 20-year-old drummer Tommy met Elaine in 1982, who was 18 years old.

The couple started dating, and soon after, they fell in love. They decided to get married after two years of dating in 1984. We have heard stories of many unsuccessful marriages, but Elaine and Tommy stand out. Like every married couple, they too started having issues with each other.

They could not settle into the married life from day one, and things got worse as their love died down. They called it quits within seven days of the marriage. Although they filed for divorce immediately, it took a year to register the divorce. Everything got finalized in 1985.

We can see that this relationship had a lasting effect on them. After this divorce, none of them could stay with someone for a long time.

Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee’s Do Kids

Elaine and Tommy were married for only a week, so they had no children together. There have been no reports of Elaine having children with her previous lovers.

But, Tommy did have two sons with another Playboy model Pamela Anderson. The boys’ names are Brandon Thomas (born in 1996) and Dylan Jagger (born in 1997). Since this marriage did not work out either, the boys remained with Tommy. Pamela lived alone with her fur babies.

Elaine Starchuk Roller Coaster Life After Divorce

Elaine wanted her life to be happy before her marriage to Tommy. Soon after her divorce, she decided to create her own eyelash extensions business.

She opened up an institute where she taught about creating the lashes based on her own experience. The Enlightened Eyelash Academy gained much fame in those days. It was due to being a sporadic type of the institute. This fame led celebrities to come to her, such as Avril Lavigne.

The academy even provided services to the stars on the sets of the Transformers movie. Elaine had finally moved on from the glam rock drummer, and when tragedy struck her again. In 2013, she faced a terrible car accident. An out-of-control vehicle crashed into her car and left her with many soft tissue injuries.

She had to be immediately rushed to the hospital, and it took her a few to recover. Her arms, neck, and chest were damaged, and she could not work in her business due to the recovery phase. She later received 440,000 in damages.

Elaine Starchuk’s Other Relationship

Even before she met Tommy and married him, Elaine could not stay in one steady relationship. She entered and exited relations as fast as the doors of a train open and close at a station.

She had brief flings with David Coverdale, Vince Neil, and Gregg Giuffria. After her divorce from Tommy, she again had trouble staying in one relationship for a long time.

She dated Nikki Sixx for some time, one of Tommy’s bandmates. She even had a date with Taime Downe later on. After several failed attempts, Elaine finally found someone she wanted to marry.

It was Todd Marshall. Their marriage lasted for four years before suffering the same fate as the last one. After another failed marriage, Elaine dated Anders Erikson for about five years. But as per usual, the relationship came to an end. However, it did last the longest.

FAQ – Elaine Starchuk

Who was Tommy Lee’s first wife?

Tommy has been married four times in his lifetime, out of which 3 were failed marriages. His first wife was Elaine Margaret Starchuk, who he met when he was 20, and she was 18.

They fell in love, and after dating for two years, they decided to get married. Unfortunately, the marriage could not last for more than seven days. The divorce got finalized after a year of filing it.

How many wives has Tommy Lee had?

Tommy has had four wives. His first wife was Elaine Margaret, whom he got divorced within seven days of the marriage. His second wife was Heather Locklear.

Heather and Tommy divorced after seven years of marriage. Tommy’s third wife was Pamela Anderson, with whom he has two sons.

This marriage lasted for three years before they went their separate ways. His current wife is Brittany Furlan, and he has been married since 2019. This means he has been married for 3 years.

Does Elaine Starchuk Have Any Plastic Surgery?

Before starting her career as a model, Elaine underwent breast surgery as she wanted to be as perfect as other girls in the modeling industry, even though she was already pretty attractive.

She got her first surgery when she was just 16 years old. In 2013, she came under the knife again, and this time, she was getting implants.

However, these implants turned out to cause problems for her as she sustained a lot of chest damage. She has not admitted to having any lip surgery, but sources confirm that she has had some work done to make her lips look juicier and bigger.

After her car accident in 2013, she had to get major surgeries on her upper limbs as they got severely damaged.

Does Elaine Active on Social Media?

Elaine is mainly active on two social media sites: Facebook and Twitter. Her handles are @Elaine Starchuk. She does have an Instagram account, but she does not use it for personal purposes.

The account is named after her business, and it is used to answer customer queries or promote her products and newest launches. She even has a website for her business where you can easily browse and purchase the lashes.

When Did Elaine and Tommy Meet?

This ex-couple met in 1982 when Elaine was just 18 years old and Tommy was 20 years old. He was a drummer, and she was an aspiring magazine model. They hit it off immediately and dated for two years before getting married. The marriage, however, lasted for only seven days.

Where is Elaine Starchuk now, and What is she doing now?

After trying her luck at marriage twice and failing in countless dating attempts, Elaine made her primary focus herself. She became a lash artist and founded her own business called the ‘Enlightened Lashes,’ one of the only lash centers at that time, so it did not take long to gain fame.

She was one of the first in the British Columbian region to teach people about lashes in an extraordinary lash course at her academy. Her business has reached many heights, and Elaine made her business her main focus. She makes sure her business runs smoothly and helps people by creating jobs in the lash sector.

How long was Tommy Lee married to Elaine Starchuk?

Tommy and Elaine dated for two years before their marriage, but the marriage life took a toll on them. They could not stay husband and wife for more than seven days. They filed the divorce in court within seven days. But the processing took time and got final a year later.

Overview – Elaine Starchuk

Success in one aspect of life does not mean you will be perfect in all other aspects. Elaine was a gorgeous model and a great businesswoman, but she failed at relations. We cannot blame her for her failed flings, but it’s safe to say she played a massive role in the demise of her relations. But, she managed to make a name for herself as a supermodel and in the fashion industry. She might have a long list of failed relations but her list of achievements is more significant. Jerry springer a real Judge and Suede Brooks.

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