Does USPS Deliver on Sundays? Mail Express, Pick-Up (2022)

Does USPS deliver on Sundays?

In the consumer service industry, the delivery of mails has been essential. USPS, also known as United States Postal Service, is an independent company established in the 1970s responsible for providing postal delivery service in the United States and has maintained an excellent delivery standard.

It is one of the best mail services available in the US and is the third-largest employer for local people. It comes under the executive branch of the United States federal government.

They offer different mail services, each having different costs. Depending on where the delivery starts, its local delivery time takes around 1-3 business days and may move up to 3-5 business days. The company delivers the parcel daily, but there have been raising questions about whether it is true.

They provide different shipping options for customers; each shipping option depends on factors like distance, geographical locations, package types, additional insurance, starting prices, shipping time needed by the customers, whether they want parcels to be delivered within 1-2 business days, or any other. It is not necessary that till will take ma 1 to 3 business day. If the travel distance is vast, it might take 6-10 business days.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Interestingly, most people believe that the USPS does not deliver on Sundays at all, sometimes even on Saturdays. Is it because of mismanagement of time? Laziness of the workers? Or is the policy of the company not to deliver on weekends? In reality, the company does send mails on the weekends but the shipping service is subject to the mail class in use.

What are USPS Delivery Hours on Saturday?

The weekend hours are a bit similar to an average business day. Based on the service or mail class in use, the delivery is usually done by 2 pm on Saturdays.

In peak hours the delivery may take more time as long as 6 pm. The delivery may also be delayed due to possible weather conditions or technical issues arising in the vehicle.

The business hours also depend on the number of parcels being delivered. The more the parcels, the more time it would take to deliver. If high-priority emails, like first-class mail, would be delivered by 10 30 am at the respective delivery location.

Can You Pick Up Packages From USPS?

Suppose one thinks the delivery days are longer than expected or has urgent reasons to acquire the package early. In that case, the United States Postal service does give the option to pick up packages from them before the delivery is scheduled.

All you need to do is contact customer service to help you in this matter. They will ask for you the tracking number and guide you accordingly to the closest post office locations to come and pick up your parcel. Not only that, but you can also redirect your undelivered local shipment for delivery.

Facts About USPS Pick Up Package

Facts About USPS Pick Up Package

Additional details may be available on their blog post. However, people often miss them out, so you will find complete information on important information regarding the USPS.

Pick-Up Service

  • The company has now started on its free package pick-up service, so you won’t have to wait in long lines for hours so you can set your parcel up for delivery. Instead, the company itself would pick up the package from your doorstep, and the best thing is it’s free of cost! Indeed a well-needed convenience of consumers.
  • This service is available online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so feel free to register whenever you want. The pick-up service will acquire your parcel between Monday to Saturday.
  • The service is not only for domestic service but also for international packages. 
  • The package must have proper postage( shipping label ) applied before the parcel is picked up; otherwise, the delivery boy won’t accept it. 
  • Don’t worry about how to acquire the postage for the parcel. You can use the click-n-ship service that will help you print accurate shipping labels and let you make the payment for postage online. Easy, no extra cost, and convenient, right?
  • There is also a postage rate calculator available on their website. It gives you the related costs of the delivery. It also asks for the size, weight distance of the delivery destination, and zip code.
  • You can also check the Package tracking online to see the progress of your expected delivery shipments and delivery confirmation messages after receiving the package.

Does USPS deliver Priority Mail Express on Sunday?

Priority mail express is currently the fastest guaranteed delivery service the USPS provides. The USPS priority mail express is different than the priority mail. Only the priority mail “express” gets delivered on Sundays.

Express priority does not exclude any day, including Sundays. Still, it carries an additional charge, which has a high price. These are the only weekend delivery options available in USPS currently. So business customers who may need the business mail in urgency may opt for these shipping options.

Does USPS Deliver Retail Ground Mail on Sunday?

Retail ground mail is the cheapest option available to send mail and packages. Still, this type is not included in the priority mail, so it is not in the weekend delivery services, so Sunday is not the day for deliveries of retail ground mails.

As mentioned before, USPS delivers only priority mails on Sundays, so you have to wait for a while to get your retail ground mail delivered to you on regular business days.

What Time does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

The timings are pretty similar to that of delivery times on Saturdays. Priority express mails arrive by around 10 30 am. The maximum time USPS guarantees to deliver is by 6 30 pm if the mails are numerous. If you don’t receive your mail by 6 30 pm, you are eligible for a refund.

Incase of amazon parcels, things are a bit different. The timings for amazon parcels further extend to 8,9 or 10 pm. Usually, the Amazon shipments are delivered earlier than the expected arrival time.

How Much does USPS Sunday Delivery Cost?

Since only priority mall express shipments are delivered on Sundays, the fee is also a bit higher. The standard cost starts at $26.75; however, if you want it to be delivered on Sunday, an additional shipping cost of 12.50 is added to the original cost.

This makes the total cost be around $40 rounded off. If the delivery is not done on time then the money-back guarantee policy gets into effect. The Amazon parcels don’t have such additional fees on Sundays, which is surprising as you only pay standard costs.

Does USPS Deliver Amazon Packages on Sunday?

Does USPS deliver Amazon packages on Sunday

Amazon and USPS collaborated in 2013 to deliver Amazon packages to their respected customers. After the deal, the USPS now provides its services to amazon for delivering packages.

Even on Sundays, such service has become quite convenient for the customers. Such delivery service is known as the last-mile delivery service.

This means that amazon ships the customers’ parcel to their local USPS office then deliver the package to the customers. The final delivery coverage covered up by USPS is the last-mile delivery.

Which USPS Services Deliver on Weekends?

The standard USPS services deliver priority mail, and priority express mails on Saturdays free of cost. On Sundays, the delivery of only priority express mail takes place, and that too with an additional fee.

FAQ – Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

Does the USPS Deliver Packages to Large Metro Areas on Sundays?

Metropolitan areas, also known as metro areas, are the core area that holds a vast population. These areas also have integrations socially and economically.

The USPS does deliver packages to large metro areas on Sundays, depending on the mail class in use. The mail class includes priority mail express, priority mail, and first-class package service. Not all classes have the benefit of getting delivered on Sundays.

Does USPS Deliver First Class Packages on Sunday?

First-class packages service is a service with an affordable price that helps you deliver lightweight packages with a maximum weight of 16 ounces.

The maximum dimensions first class packages can have is a total of 108 inches, length and width combined. Such small items can be sent in the form of an envelope, poly mailer, or a plane/ branded box.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday 2022?

The delivery of the majority of mail is in six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, while exceptional cases of priority mails and amazon deliveries, there are deliveries taking place on Sundays as well. With the ease of the Covid 19 outbreak, the service has improved quite a bit compared to the last 2 to 3 years.

Is the Post Office™ Open on Sundays?

On Sundays, the processing of mails continues to take place in USPS, but the post office remains close. This is because Sunday is a holiday for letterheads.

Only USPS delivery centers are open to deliver the priority packages to their final destination on Sundays. However, it doesn’t mean that the centers are available for the public.

These are just behind the scenes. The offices are closed for the people, so don’t bother going to the closest post office on the day off( Sunday) as it is their day off.

Is the Post Office™ Open on Sundays

does USPS deliver on Sundays 2020

In 2020, Covid 19 outbreak affected a lot of people as well as companies. The companies include the USPS service, which holds the third-largest employer of local people.

There was a halt in deliveries at the start but later on, started again. The reviews by the customers, however, were not satisfactory. Despite the hard times of Covid 19, the delivery of packages continued. The service kept providing the mail services later on and participated in the drive to help people in the hard times.

Does USPS Pick Up and Drop Off Mail on Sundays?

USPS has the service of pick-up packages now, so they come to pick up the parcels from home, given that the correct labels are attached to it. The pick-ups, however, do not take place on Sundays. The service is only available from Monday to Saturday.

You can register for a pick-up online on Sunday. Still, the actual pick-up will only occur between Monday and Saturday. The drop-off mail is given by USPS but only for specific priority mail services. Not all delivery services provided by USPS have the luxury to be delivered on Sundays.

When did the USPS Start Delivering Packages on Sundays?

In 2013, inc and USPS made a contract to make deliveries much easier for Amazon’s customers. USPS also started their special delivery service on Sundays, priority express mail, priority mail, and first-class mail from that point onwards.

There are extra charges on some of these services. However, there are none of the packages from Amazon, which is quite strange.

It can be assumed that after the deal, USPS realized the untapped potential of Sunday deliveries and decided to make full use of it. They can charge higher shipping rates on weekdays and decrease the window for delivery.

Final Words – Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

Being one of the most used postal services in the US, USPS has been providing services quite a lot. So being a US citizen, it is a must to know in detail the multiple services offered by the USPS in order to make the best use out of it to make deliveries for you more accessible and more efficient in every aspect of your life.

Time is of the essence, so it is better to stay informed to be a practical person out in the ever-growing world of the digital era and the companies adapting themselves to it. It s our job to adapt to it as well. Also read what cannot be use to dry untensils? and USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan.

Different type of mail services would have different starting prices as well as different delivery days. The priority express mail would have a better delivery speed than retail ground mail delivery.

Priority express may even make an overnight delivery in case the distance is not too much. USPS provides different types of services, each having its domestic prices. In case your package is above 13 ounces, and you need a fast delivery option. Priority mail is the option to go for. The delivery dates are from 1 to 3 business days.

It covers insurance, $50 insurance -no surcharge, and mail-type packages. Additional types include priority express mail if you want your parcel delivered overnight.

First-class mail is for smaller deliveries with less than 13 ounces with no urgency on hand. In case of an oversized package plus not meeting the priority mail requirements, retail ground mail service is also available.

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