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Home » Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Locker Room or Towels? [Full Guide 2022]

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Locker Room or Towels? [Full Guide 2022]

Does Planet Fitness have Showers, locker room, or does planet fitness provide free towels? Here I have all information about your all question. For knowing answers, please read the article carefully.

Does planet fitness have showers

Does Planet Fitness have Showers?

Planet Fitness is an American fitness center where people do the gym safely. You can find its thousands of franchises nationwide.

It is often tougher to take out time for regular exercise and workouts. Planet Fitness sets a schedule for you to lead a healthy life.

The trainers at Planet Fitness can guide you about your diet, daily routine, and the best timing for the gym. 

If you are a black cardholder, you can use luxurious showers, private bathrooms, and much more. Black card membership makes you a particular member of the fitness club.

The black-card holder can access more than 2000 widespread fitness chains of Planet Fitness. Here are some of the unique features of the Black card to have a High-quality fitness experience. If you are a black-card holder:

  • You can bring a guest with you for free.
  • You are allowed to use the Massage chairs or other available facilities.
  • You may also experience “Hydromassage,” “Tanning,” and “Total body enhancement.”

Planet Fitness possesses several luxuries and tools for visitors. Moreover, the fitness space is equipped with the latest instruments and guidelines. Further, Planet fitness has showers for 24 hours. Let us explore the Planet fitness services and features in detail.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers and Lockers?

Yes, Planet fitness has showers and lockers both. The fitness industry considers the specific infrastructure necessary. Lockers are for keeping the essentials of the gym visitors and members.

After completing the workout at the gym, it is required to get rid of the foul smell of sweating. So, you will find showers also.

Lockers are just like public place lockers. Anyone can use any locker to keep their possessions. Unlike high school lockers, Fitness center does not allot personalized lockers.

Instead, lockers are available in a large spatial room. All Planet fitness visitors can place their gym items and other possessions there.

You cannot secure any precious item there. If you forget to take your items, those will be lost or theft. No one takes responsibility for the lockers as they are unlocked.

The only purpose of the lockers is to keep a water bottle, bags, and other casual items there. 

Can you Take a Shower at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can take an accurate shower at planet fitness. Many iconic fitness clubs have shower facilities. But the majority of the visitors are unknown to it.

Usually, fitness clubs do not have shower stalls as clean as expected. If you are interested in taking a quick shower at planet fitness, go to the operators of the fitness centers.

At most of the centers of Planet fitness, you will find a workout facility shower. The fitness center serves the customers 24/7. 

How are the Planet Fitness Showers?

Planet Fitness showers are just like traditional showers at clubs. Each shower space has curtains for privacy. The private showers are cleaner and worth visiting.

The shower floors are clean, but sometimes it looks messy. The Gym lockers are just like locker rooms and nothing else. But the locker rooms have the smell of sweating.

After completing the exercise or regular gym time, a person’s whole body is full of sweat and odor. It is when people visit the locker rooms to take their possessions or keep something in the lockers. It makes the lockers foul-smelling.    

You may sometimes find the basic shower a bit smelly too. An annoying shower user may cause the next cold shower un-wanting and a poor one.

The obvious step you can take is to inform the authorities. You can visit and take a fitness shower anytime at the place. 

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels?

No, Planet fitness does not provide towels. If any fitness club follows exact rules, you cannot get towels there. The management will give you a reasonable excuse. In the wave of COVID-19, bath towels provided by clubs are not safe.

Many people avoid these fitness centers due to a lack of luxurious showers. But, the goal of fitness centers is to help people achieve snap fitness in comfort.

Take your towels and other necessary toiletries in your gym bag. Liquid soap is the best option to rinse perspiration quickly. Carry stringer tank sleeveless tops, towel, and soap as essential gym items in your bag.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels

Does Planet Fitness have Showers And Towels?

Planet fitness has spacious showers. Shower premises are covered with shower curtains. The purpose is to provide privacy to each visitor. No one can see naked to each other. Stall for privacy may change.

However, shower towels are not available at the Fitness center. You have to keep your towels. If you forget to bring it, you may ask the workers to provide one.

In such a case, paper towels are the best option. But it is not safe to use a towel of someone. Always avoid the usage of such clothing or public towels in public spaces. 

Planet Fitness does not have toiletries. You are to take towels and soaps with you. There are several options for people.

Common sense is that you keep Liquid soap or biodegradable soap along with workout towels. To achieve snap fitness, the load of towels and soaps is nothing.

Can you Still Shower at Planet Fitness and Planet Fitness Shower Rules?

You can still take a shower at planet fitness. But you will have to follow shower rules, dress code, and other regulations of Planet fitness. Before taking a shower, you must know a few rules. Have a look:

  • You are not allowed to create a mess in the shower premises.
  • You should bring a bath towel and other toiletries along with it.
  • Before leaving the shower room, carry your shower essentials with you.
  • Leave the shower floor clean and clear.

All members of Planet fitness follow shower rules and regulations. The aim is to keep the club place hygienic and clean.

You can take a shower at Planet Fitness anytime. If you are not clear about the shower rules, go and ask any member.  

Can you have your Locker at Planet Fitness?

No, unlike banks and high school lockers, you cannot keep your locker. Lockers at Planet fitness are public property. No one can use those lockers after the club timings.

Personalized use is not allowed. A regular Fitness member can place the items in any locker. All lockers are open and insecure. If you want to keep your belonging in the lock, authorities allow the member to bring own safety.

A member can lock any item for their time at Planet fitness center. But you cannot use it as a personal locker. Before leaving the place, you will have to empty the locker for other members.  

Can you have your locker at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Locker Room Policy

Planet Fitness locker room policy is a bit strict and non-flexible. Have a look at Lockers policy:

  • Lockers are available to all gym users for free.
  • Members use lockers on their responsibility. The Fitness center recommends the locks to the users. Those who want to lock the place can bring a lock pad with them.
  • Members can use the locks within club timing only. It is not allowed to lock or leave personal possessions inside after the gym timing ends.
  • If any member leaves or forgets the items within the lock, the authorities can cut the lock and take all items. Later on, those items are considered lost property.

Keep in mind that only authorized personnel can cut the lock. Though locker policy is strict and non-compliant, it makes the lockers available for everyone. The procedure is developed for the great benefit of the regular visitors of the fitness center. 

FAQ: Does Planet Fitness have Showers

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost at Planet Fitness? Nothing!

It costs you nothing. Planet Fitness does not provide any personal trainers to the club members. There are instructors at Planet fitness who guide you about operating the equipment.

Instructors can lead you to the best fitness instrument as per your fitness level. Whatever fitness logo you follow, the improvement in the body is the key to the success of the club.

Why does Planet fitness not provide personal trainers? People often claim in court for wrong guidelines.
Sometimes, the after-effects of a specific diet or exercise become drastic for one’s health. In such situations, personal trainers are under investigation.

People may sue the court for negligent health training. To avoid such conditions, Planet Fitness does not allow personal trainers.

What is meant by Planet Fitness “Lunk Alarm”

What is Meant by Planet Fitness “Lunk Alarm”?

A lunk Alarm is a loud sound of a siren. Planet fitness uses the “Lunk Alarm” to alert the visitors for breaking the rules and regulations of the premises.

As the Lunk Alarm rings, all members pay attention to the surroundings to see who has disturbed the rules.
A lunk Alarm is a superb instrument to stop unwanted activity or behavior. It helps to create a comfortable and welcoming gym environment.

Many gym visitors are habitual in dropping weights or not handling them properly. Some yells, and others continue grunting and dickery sounds. All these activities are prohibited; there will be an alert sound if you do not follow them.

Some clubs are loaded with the sounds of weight dropping and grunting. It increases the turnout rate of the club members. People avoid such places where you cannot perform your activity in comfort.

The authorities of Planet Fitness claim to create a gym environment that is judgment-free and hassle-free. They truly mean what they claim.

The goal of a chain of fitness franchises is to schedule a welcoming and peaceful gym environment. Can you imagine a fitness club without shouts, grunting, and weight-screeching sounds? If not, visit any of Planet
fitness locations.

You can do work out there with great peace of mind. The credit goes to the Lunk Alarm and other strict rules and regulations.

Can you Bring a Water Bottle to Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can bring it. At Planet fitness, regular members of the club get their water bottles. But you have to follow specific SOP’s of the premises like:

1. You cannot place a water bottle in the walkways or corridors.
2. If you are at a workplace, there is a holder to fit in the bottle with each machine.
3. Placing the water bottles openly on the club’s floors is not allowed.
4. You can set your bottle in your gym bag or locker of the club.
5. Gallon Jugs are prohibited from carrying in the club.
6. While doing the exercise machines, you can hold for a minute and have water from your bottle.  

The water bottle is a necessary item to place in the gym bag. While getting ready for a gym, you should not forget to keep juices, liquid, or water.

Dress Code for Planet Fitness

When talking about the dress code at Planet Fitness, many people criticize clothing restrictions. Here are the regulations for dressing at Planet Fitness:

1. You should wear shirts that cover your belly button or above the belly button.
2. Only loose trousers are allowed to protect the lower body.
3. No jeans and tights allowed. 
4. Shoes with open toes and open sandals are not permitted at the club.
5. Greasy and muddy joggers or shoes are banned.
6. Stringer top shirts that do not cover the upper body adequately.
6. Bags, clothing, and other items are not allowed on the club floors.
7. Any item on the floor or outside your bag may cause a safety hazard. It may be theft or stolen.

The dress code is convenient to wear for everyone. Planet fitness allows such dressing to the members that are more comfortable for activity at the club. 

When is the best time to go to Planet Fitness

When is the Best Time to Go to Planet Fitness (to Avoid Many People Being there)?

If you need a calm and peaceful environment, never visit Planet fitness between 4. p.m to 8 p.m. it is when all fitness centers are loaded with gym members. After getting free from the offices and routine works, people feel free to go to the gym. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, it is better to choose late hours or early morning time.

Not all Planet Fitness centers are busy all the time. But you may check the rush hours from Google Maps.
The consistency of workouts can help you to achieve your health fitness goals. The best time to go to any fitness club is when you are free.

Many times you might have missed your gym timing. It is the case with the majority of dynamic personalities. It happens when you do not schedule your gym routine properly. People choose the odd timings for the gym. Many studies proved that afternoon to evening when you spend most of your energy.

If you have sleep problems or suffering from insomnia, the evening time is the best time for you. After a hectic office or work routine, going to the fitness club feels tougher. But if you make an evening schedule for the gym, it will also be beneficial for your sleeping clock.

Many studies revealed that weight lifting in the evening is beneficial for the sleeping clock. You can have a sound sleep, and your sleeping problems may settle. There are several merits and advantages of workout in the morning and evening.

However, the best option is to search the Planet Fitness location and see the rush hours. It will help you choose the best suitable timing with the less populated club.

Can I Shower at Planet Fitness During Coronavirus?

Yes, you can. Planet Fitness is a place that provides body fitness and helps you relieve the body and mental stress. COVID-19 pandemic has increased homes and offices pressure.

Joining any fitness club is the best activity to do. Planet Fitness allows the shower with global Health SOP’s. Like:

1. You have to wear a mask all the time.
2. Use your possessions.
3. Avoid touching any outside space.
4. Maintain the distance from other persons at the club.
5. Avoid rushing and hitting anything or any person. 
6. Never use someone’s towel and toiletries.
7. Wash your hands as you enter the club.
8. Wash hands correctly for 30 seconds.
9. Wash and sanitize your hands time and again.

If you look at the shower rules of Planet Fitness, you will see it more prudent. It has already been working in distinction other than COVID-19.

Planet Fitness does not allow soap, towels, or tissues. It is the best precautionary measure according to the Coronavirus precautions. Never touch the doors and handles if you visit any public fitness club. Try to open it with your elbow. Otherwise, wash your hands frequently while you are at Planet fitness.

Overall: Does Planet Fitness have Showers

Planet Fitness is an American fitness club. Those who want to avoid rush gyms can go there. The latest equipment, neat place, and comfortable workout are the attractive features of the club.

Planet fitness has faced significant criticism for its restrictions. Firstly, those with liberal minds consider the club rules conservative.

A woman wearing a single sports bra with jeans will avoid the place. Many members turn out occasionally due to dress code rules.

We are liberal, and you cannot force adults to come to the gym with proper dressing. Many say that it should be the choice of the gym visitors, not gym authorities.

Secondly, Planet fitness faces criticism for the “Lunk Alarm.” The alarm is fitted near the equipment. If you misuse the gym equipment, the warning will be rung automatically.

When you handle weights or any weight lifting instrument, it may cause grunting sounds or screech. But the critiques say that the alarm ringing embarrasses the club members.

Everyone pays attention to the rule-breaker, and all workout activities get stopped for a while.

The gym offers showers for members who want to relax after a workout. People who rule for anytime fitness require taking good care of their hygiene.

The fitness center makes sure everyone will get the best hygiene opportunities. To keep the system working at its best, there are specific rules that every member needs to follow. The shower rules enable maintaining a healthy and safe environment at the gym. 

However, without getting biased, Planet Fitness is a beautiful place where you can make your body. You will find a different site for men and women.

If you purchase a black card membership, it is the wiser choice. Planet Fitness offers club workouts at a reasonable cost. Go and visit any of the locations to experience calm and peace. Please read about how to reheat McNuggets vs best beans for chili.

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