Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights? Explained

Does Planet Fitness have Free Weights

Planet Fitness facilitates all visitors and members with free weights. The organized power racks and weight machines attract fitness trainers. But the machines and the free weights may vary from place to place.

Some Franchise owners pay more attention to equipping the gym with the latest machines and gym technology. Others may focus on administrative tasks and decoration. You will find the cleanliness of the fitness zone constant at all locations.

Planet fitness – an American fitness club with 2039 clubs at different locations in the United States and outside. Fitness lovers can grab its promotional deals.

You can get a membership of the club at just $10 monthly. Joining any fitness club has become a symbol of the elite class. So, several muscular and skinny people join the club, but you will find them seldom at the place.

An interesting feature about the club is that all people do not get a membership for fitness training. The majority of the people do not know why they are there? Such cash lions pay a great share to the fitness club with their money. 

Moreover, fitness clubs have lockers and showers also. You can place your essential items like bags and other items there. Some Planet fitness has basketball courts also. All these facilities are there to keep you fit and healthy.

Does Planet Fitness have Free Weights?

The answer is yes in one way and no, in another way. At many Planet Fitness clubs, owners do not pay attention to keeping the free weights. The weight machines are considered more economical and reliable tools than the free weights.

However, if you do not find the free weights at some places, you may ask for its alternative. You will get Smith machines and bench presses as the free weights alternatives.

Free lighter weights are available nearly at every gym—squat racks and cardio equipment help maintain body balance and shape.

The majority of the people are confused about selecting the cardio machines and squat racks. You can select the best option when you know the benefits of both types of workouts.

Free Weights vs Machines: Do You Need to Choose?

Weight machines and weight benches are certain features of a gym. The Smith machines are the most popular weight machines.

Trainers often guide about the usage of free dumbbells and machines as well. How can you select the one? Both types of fitness journeys have advantages and disadvantages.

It all depends upon the type of people and the purpose to do gym. Free weights include a rack of dumbbells, a dumbbell bench press, and pre-loaded barbells.

At the same time, weight machines may include Smith machines and many others with leg curl, leg extension, and cable row. Let us have a look at the pros of both:

Why Free Weights?

Free weights are compact and occupy less space as compared to gym machines. You can place weights in racks. Free weights are more reasonable for office or professional gym owners. Here are some of its exclusive features:

  • Free weights are the best tools to achieve certain fitness goals.
  • Free weights can be used in multiple ways. A weight barbell can be used for tens of exercises. It may help you strengthen the different bodily muscles.
  • It increases and maintains the weight lifter’s neurological strength sharply compared to machines.

Additionally, it is more convenient to utilize free weights, whether you want to work out on a single muscle or group of muscles. Free weights instantly target the desired muscles and help achieve the fitness goal.

Why Weight Machines? 

Why Weight Machines

Machines are messy and require larger space to install. Weight machines are the best option for the home gym. You can equip your home gym with several weight machines.

People can do numerous exercises to shape the body muscles at the machines. Let us see the exclusive features of the machines:

  • For beginners, weight machines are more convenient and relaxing. Beginners may experience injuries or mishaps with free weights. But, the careful operating of the machine is the better option.
  • For many types of workouts, machines rock. When several people are in a row to utilize the equipment, you can perform a faster workout at machines.
  • Machines can be placed and organized more efficiently.

Whatever is your choice, it will prove to be the best one for you. Both have their pros and cons. You can select any one or both simultaneously for workout exercises.  

The Planet Fitness Myth and Why does Planet Fitness not have Free Weights?

Planet fitness is always the talk of the town. The fitness club is an ideal place to achieve body shape and fitness. Due to increasing popularity, many myths are famous about Planet fitness. The most popular myth is that Planet fitness does not have free weights.

It is a false myth. Planet fitness has free weights for the regular club members. Planet fitness has replaced free weights with weight machines. Free weights may cause injuries to beginners.

Moreover, free weights are difficult to handle initially. On the contrary, weight machines are more manageable to novice gym visitors.  

How is Planet Fitness Different and How Much is it to Workout at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a unique gym place. It offers all kinds of workout machinery and activities. Overweight people can lose weight instantly through a constant gym. Planet Fitness offers a gym membership at a reasonable price.

The PF black cardholders can enjoy several benefits of the fitness club. The classic membership facilitates the members with fitness instructors.

Planet Fitness is a gym for people interested in reducing weight or concerned about body maintenance. This gym claims a judgment-free zone. The fitness zone facilitates the gym members with numerous motivational fitness training sessions.

Weight at Planet Fitness is easy to gain and lose with high-quality equipment. Many exclusive features of the club fitness make it distinct from the competitors. The fitness zone offers monthly membership options to visitors to get Crunch fitness. 

What Free Weights Are Not Available At Planet Fitness?

You might have observed free weights at the Planet Fitness location nearest to your home. The weight barbells and dumbbells racks are available at the club location.

However, the basic membership shows some concerns related to free weights. The newcomers are often restricted to using heavy weights or free weights.

Many weight machines are allowed for beginners. Beginners are often unable to handle heavyweights. Dropping and grunting sounds created by the weightlifters are not allowed.

It increases the equipment maintenance and disturbs the discipline of the gym zone. Further, beginners can get hurt or injured. The club facilitates beginners with weight machines instead of dumbbell racks and power racks.

What is the Maximum Weight at Planet Fitness?

Planet fitness has heavy weights up to 75 pounds. The free weights racks are equipped with weights up to 50 pounds. To achieve fitness goals like body shape and body weight maintenance, enjoy the club facilities.

But if you are a heavyweight lifter, this place is not suitable for you. It would help if you did work out for hours with heavy weight lifting. Sometimes, trainers’ help is also essential. But the, planet fitness does not have trainers.

Additionally, extra heavyweights are not available. The hardcore weightlifters often drop weights during weight lifting. It may disturb the discipline of the club. On the whole, you will find a non-welcoming attitude for the wrestlers and heavyweight lifters. 

Gym visitors are free to do the workout on any machine or equipment. The instructor can guide you on the usage of the machine or tool. Planet Fitness does not facilitate the members with trainers to avoid health hazards.

Many people face serious health drawbacks in response to workouts. The blame goes to the fitness trainers. To avoid this situation, a fitness instructor is available only at hundreds of locations.

Does Planet Fitness have Barbells and Planet Fitness Dumbbells Max? 

Does Planet Fitness have Barbells and Planet Fitness Dumbbells Max

Yes, Planet Fitness facilitates the club members with the barbell and dumbbells. You can find all these in the free weight racks. The maximum free weights are available up to 75 pounds. The fitness place offers a Smith machine for heavier exercises and weight lifting.

Smith machine carries pre-loaded barbells. The members can do a workout on the machine with desired weights. At the fitness club, people do many exercises like leg stretching, arms stretching, and many others. The goal is to achieve muscular strength. 

FAQ – Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Complacency is not Non-judgment, and Non-judgment means?

Complacency is the attitude or behavior that makes you extremely satisfied. Complacency may often lead you to take safety risks to assess whether your complacency is true or not.

Non-judgment means you need not get judgmental with anyone at a certain place. Planet Fitness claims itself as a judgment-free zone. Come and enjoy the workout and exercises with great peace of mind.

You need not worry about what others will think and say to you. People with extra weight visit the place to lose weight. Similarly, the fit personalities join the club to maintain their fitness and achieve their health goals.
Have a look at judgment elements:

Judgment may be good, leading to praises, happiness, and appreciation.
Poor judgment may lead to bad feelings and poor experiences at a place.
Neutral judgment is ignorable.

Though the human mind judges every experience, it is better to remain judgment-free. It not only keeps you fit and healthy rather makes a heavenly place for others as well. 

Why do Bodybuilders and other Hardcore Weightlifters Dislike Planet Fitness?

Bodybuilders and other hardcore weightlifters dislike the fitness place. Firstly, Planet Fitness does not allow weight grunting and weight dropping. Rather there is a “Lunk Alarm” that alerts the frequent weight dropping and other non-welcoming sounds.

The Planet fitness authorities pose strict regulations about the fitness zone rules. If any visitor or member does not follow the rules on the club premises, the alarm rings to alert the rebel.

Secondly, you can find the kind of gyms at hundreds of locations that do not have heavyweights. The hardcore weight lifters need extra weights to lift. These weights are not available there.

Finally, Planet Fitness does not have compatible settings as per bodybuilders. The attitude and rules of the fitness club are not welcoming for the hardcore weightlifters.
Why do Bodybuilders and other Hardcore Weightlifters Dislike Planet Fitness

What are the Bench Press and Bench Press Alternatives at Planet Fitness?

The Bench Press is the body fitness training that helps shape the abdominal part and frontal peripherals like arms, shoulders, and chest.

It helps to maintain and strengthen the muscles of upper body parts. The bench press is a source of gaining bone density and strengthens the muscles.

Many Franchise owners do not consider the bench press and squat training essential. Usually, the lack of bench press and other equipment is due to the less investment in the gym. Like Gold’s gym, you may find the modern alternatives to the Bench Press at several places.

The Smith machine is the best alternative to the Bench press. Smith machines are equipped with calf raises, deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

Can You Get a Good Workout at Planet Fitness?

Surely, you can get the best workout at the Fitness center. The color scheme and the interior decoration attract people to stay at the place for hours.

An average person can find the best workout plan through Gym equipment. The free weights, power racks, tanning beds, resistance machines, exercise machines, and machine bench are the common equipment of a franchise gym.

Month membership is the best choice to join the club. If you like the environment and facilities, extend the membership. People do a great number of exercises to remain fit. Like hip abduction, exercise helps to strengthen the calf muscles.

Can you Wear just a Sports Bra at Planet Fitness? 

The dress code at Planet Fitness is not as strict as it is popular. Planet fitness restricts jeans, string tank tops, shiny fabric, muddy clothes, and open toes.

Some people have misconceptions about the dress code of Planet Fitness. The clothing prohibitions are in great benefit of the club members.

Muddy and greasy clothes may cause health hazards for the club environment and club visitors. Jeans and tight clothes may cause trouble for many of you, especially when sitting while doing the workout.

The same is true for loose clothes as well. Open toes are not allowed. You should wear joggers to do workouts. It is a safety hazard to keep the toes open. Dropping weights may injure your bare toe.

You can wear a sports bra, but it may fall you in trouble. Let us see how? When you wear too tight clothes, it may disturb you while working out.

While wearing extra loose clothes, you may feel uncomfortable. With loose clothes, you may correct your dresses all the time in the gym. Sometimes, a sports bra makes your body more revealing and naked. It may make others at the place uncomfortable.

Though the public should think moderately, it requires some attention. Whatever someone is wearing in public places should be relaxing and more covered.

Conclusion – Does Planet Fitness Have Free weights?

For fitness training, instructors and trainers guide about the best options. The choice is all of the fitness achievers. Before selecting free weights or machines, you need to know the answer to some questions.

What type of person are you weight gainer or weight loser, fatty or skinny? What is your fitness goal? Do you want to reduce or increase the weight?

For instance, if you are a beginner and want to maintain your fitness, start working out on the treadmill and other walking machines.

There are different types of walking machines available. Free weights are safer to use for professionals. It may create safety hazards for novice fitness members.

A myth about Planet Fitness is popular in that it does not have free weights. It is a false conception. People have misunderstood the concept of free weights and machines’ availability.

The club does not allow the free weights to the beginner members as beginners can manage the weight machines safely. But for expert PF black cardholders, you can find power racks with different types of weights there.

If planet fitness does not allow free weights to beginners, it offers them weight machines to work out as an alternative to the free weights.

Planet Fitness has always remained in the news for one reason or another. People consider the rules of the club more conservative and embarrassing.

Dress code limitations and lunk alarm are at the top list. Many people avoid Planet fitness just due to dress code regulations.

However, rules are made to favor the members only. The purpose is not to tease or make them embarrassed. Planet Fitness has thousands of clubs nationwide. Visit any nearest location and enjoy the best fitness facilities.   

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