DHL Shipment On Hold – Meaning and What You Should Do?

DHL Shipment On Hold

DHL Express delivers and offers pick-up services nationwide and worldwide as well. The exclusive services of the delivery express ensure the safety of the customers and the employees. The goal is to provide shipment services following the barriers of the local authorities. Due to safety measures, delays in the express service may be observed in certain affected areas. This article will introduce you to the basic terminology and processes during the delivery service of DHL.  

What Does DHL Shipment on Hold Mean?

DHL shipment on hold means that the items are restricted to someplace for unknown reasons. DHL express leads the fastest shipment service. The delay in the shipment may occur only when there is no receiver or delivery boy available to that area. Sometimes, incomplete documents are a reason for shipment delays as well. 

If you know about the shipment delays, contact the customer service center. The customers can face shipment on hold when there is a lack of a tracking system. However, employees get active to clear the shipment box or container for immediate clearance. 

Should you worry when a DHL Shipment gets on hold?

You need not worry. The responsible authorities keep the utmost care of the shipment packages. The DHL shipment on hold may be due to various reasons like

  • The delivery boy could not reach in time due to bad weather conditions.
  • The receivers may have incomplete documents. 
  • There are weekends during the delivery process
  • The shipping routes may be affected by the pandemic of COVID-19.

Many other possibilities may keep the DHL shipment on hold. You need to get the exact information from the customer care center. 

What should do when you have a delay in the DHL Shipment?

It would help if you remained calm. It is not a difficult issue. Thanks to the internet and mobile phone that have resolved all issues. Go to the official website of the courier company. Click on “Contact us.” Write all matters to the courier service. Mention the consignment number, delivery item, and expected delivery time. The DHL customer care services will monitor the whole issue. You will be informed about the tracking status of your package.

Further, the service center will guide you on contacting the customs clearance. You will get the complete status of the shipment, whether it was delivered to the wrong address or there were issues in the delivery address. Many possibilities may occur. Just contact the customer service via phone call or writing to them.

“Return to Shipper” What does it mean with DHL?

“Return to Shipper” means that the delivery attempt was not completed successfully. It refers to sending back the package to the sender. It charges a greater cost and taxes to ship a package from one place to the final destination. When a package is returned to the shipper, the concerned company or individual has to bear all returning charges.  

The delivery service might not meet its goals due to various possibilities like:

  • The recipient did not accept the package.
  • There was social unrest in the area of the borders customer agency.
  • There were some critical issues in custom clearance.
  • The receiver has incomplete delivery papers.

Shipment parcels may face many issues on the shipment terminal. It is a time-consuming procedure to ship a product from one place to another following all locality regulations. 

Main Reasons behind DHL Shipment on Hold

DHL Shipment on hold means that the parcel or package is on the list of late delivery. It could not load or unload yet. Here are some of the possible reasons mentioned that may cause shipment on hold: 

Port Congestion

The port congestion refers to the lack of space, placement, or berth for the ship holding your package. For this purpose, the package carrying ship has to wait in the queue due to heavy cargo traffic at the port. It may take a few hours or days also.

Port congestion is the major cause behind the shipment on hold, and it has been increasing day by day. Port congestion increases the cost of the parcel and loss to all parties included in the shipping.

Changes in Shipping Routes

If the shipping company has to change the shipping route due to a pandemic or any natural disaster, your parcel may also be included in the “Hold” list. Some courier companies use similar shipping routes. In the wave of the COVID-19, the COVID quarantine for 14 days also keeps the packages on hold.

Incomplete Information Provided by the sender.

If the sender does not provide complete information at the time of shipping, it may cause a delay in deliveries or late delivery. The sender needs to secure the delivery code and receipt. Delivery receipt carries Information to track the shipment package. Later on, the tracking numbers are used to check the shipment status if required.

Inadequate Documents Required by Custom

Customs officers may require numerous documents at the time of customs clearance. When the company or the recipient fails to produce the necessary documents, the company may put the shipment package on hold. In many cases, the company holds inadequate documents or differences in scanned documents at different places.  

Bad Weather Condition or Natural Disasters

If the weather of the destination country or state is poor for deliveries, the company may put your parcel on hold. DHL express often holds on to its services in areas affected by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc.


The life-taking pandemic often holds on the routine jobs. The same may happen due to the deadly pandemic. Like COVID-19 has stopped the routine services globally. So, uncertain pandemic situations may keep your shipment on hold for many days.

The shipment on hold option may be shown due to several reasons. But you need not worry. As the shipment is on hold, the company’s administration will take the initiatives to make it clear.  

What will happen when no one is at home to collect the DHL shipment package?

If no one is at home to collect the shipment package, you need not worry. The delivery driver will leave a delivery card at the house door. The purpose is to contact the delivery company. The delivery card shows a courier or package, but no one received that, so contact the shipment driver immediately. The recipient can receive the partial delivery from the express shipping delivery point.

The recipient is offered another solution. The recipient may redirect the shipment package to a new ground delivery tomorrow. Mention the address of delivery and get it as a 3rd delivery. Nonetheless, for economical shipping, the recipients like to receive the parcel on the same business day from home or the shipping point. 

FAQ – DHL Shipment on Hold

When will DHL send my Parcel?

The delivery moment may happen between Monday to Friday. The office timings are from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. The delivery time always depends upon the delivery destination and the size of the parcel. The farther the destination of the shipment package is, the longer time it will take to.

Where will be by Nearest Delivery Point?

There are nearly 3000 delivery points in Netherland. You can find one nearby you easily. Just click on the DHL delivery point to find the nearest delivery destination or DHL local store. If you do not know how to locate the nearest DHL store, contact the customer care services at the website. Go to the “Contact us” and mention your query; the customer care representative will tell you the nearest delivery point in your locality. 

How is DHL Express Protecting its Couriers?

DHL Express understands the need for additional protection services as some packages keep sensitive material and data. Such couriers are highly sensitive and need additional protection. The delivery scans and delivery codes are secured with end-to-end risk assessment analysis.

DHL exclusively covers “all-risks” protection services for all couriers. The goal is to protect every single shipment package with minimal or no deduction.

DHL security services feature risk assessment from one end to another throughout the supply chain. It describes that all supply chain is protected globally. It involves multiple security stack holders like Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), custom-trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT), etc.

DHL responds quickly in case of emergency security lapses. The transparency and true risk assessment are observed throughout the lanes. DHL confidently offers value protection services against damaged or lost items. 

What does DHL’s “Clearance Event” Mean?

The DHL clearance event means that a package is scanned for delivery to the customer. The “clearance event refers to the fact that a package is scanned and processed at the customer relations. It may take 2-3 days to deliver.

Final Word – DHL Shipment on Hold

When you track your package, and you come to know that it is on hold, it is not a thing to worry about. DHL Express is a professional company providing delivery services globally. It follows global standards to send and receive parcels. When a parcel sets off to the destination country, the customs office requires proper documentation and proof to make it clear.

The broker companies working for the sender and receivers should keep all the necessary documents to avoid the issues. Another larger reason is the port congestion. The close traffic on the port may keep the ship in the waiting ques for days.  

Another larger reason for the delivery on hold may be the COVID-19 pandemic as the borders were closed globally, all services were affected. Natural disasters and damage become another prominent reason to make the shipment package in the holding queue.

DHL Express offers the fastest and the safest delivery services to customers. No matter how many days your parcel will be placed at a location, DHL protects the whole route from sending the terminal to the destination point.

Sometimes, the package is sent back to the shipper. The return is possible only if there is no recipient or recipient rejected. It accepts the delivery. Whatever the case, whether it is in a waiting row or sent back to the sender, you will feel the protection of the parcel from sender to the receiver. Send a parcel and enjoy the additional services of DHL Express. Does USPS deliver on sunday and Chiclets Teeth meaning

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