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704 Area code – Time Zone, Location, Scam, and Toll-Free?

Where is area code 704

Telephone customers know how crucial area code is to call someone. Phone area code help in contacting the exact geographical location you want to reach. These codes make it easier to call someone out of your city and help make long-distance calls out of your country. Every single area has its area code. Every city, … Read more

Area Code 866: Location. Toll-Free. Scam? Who’s Calling?

What Does 866 Area Code

What Does 866 Area Code Area code 866 is a toll-free number allotted by the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC). It is restrained for toll-free calls. Toll-free calls; instead of charging the person placing the call, they capture the party being called even for long-distance callers. A toll-free number such as the 866 area code is … Read more

833 Area Code – Time Zone, Location, Toll Free, Scam & More Info

833 Area Code

From its earliest inception, telecommunication has remained an elegant and formulated development. No one was sure that this analog technology would get digital one day, which poses the next heftiest reality of the post-industrial revolution world. Now the earth is transformed into a digital vicinity. Almost every locality on earth now comes with dialing prefixes … Read more

Area Code 202 – Location, Time Zone, Scam, and Toll Free

Where is area code 202

Everyarea in this world is given a specific area code. Usually, it’s a 3-digit number that you type before dialing the personal number of a person living in another area. Where is Area Code 202? Washington, DC, the capital of the U.S., is served under area code 202. This region includes many political and industrial … Read more

Area Code 530 – Time Zone, Locations, Toll-Free? Scam?

t is area code 530

Sometimes we get worried after receiving a phone call from an unknown number, especially when the caller’s phone number has a different area code. Just as countries are given country codes, the states of a country are provided with area codes. What is Area Code 530? California, a state of US, is served by many … Read more

949 Area Code – Time Zone, Location, Cities, and Scam

949 area code California

Area codes are special-use prefixes that are very important if you want to make phone calls. This telephone area code consists of 3 digits. These are placed before seven-digit phone numbers when you are making calls to a specific location. If someone is not in the same country or city as you, this code helps … Read more