919 Area Code – Cities, Time Zone, Toll-Free and Scam?

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Area code 919

Area codes are very important when you make phone calls. Area code is a three-digit number that shows the exact location that the call needs to reach. The area code is placed before the 7 Digit Phone Number when you call. These codes are usually used when you make calls to someone not in the same city or country as you.

Where is area code 919?

The location of area code 919 is North Carolina. It covers 11 countries in the area. The cities with this code are:

  • Wake Forest
  • Durham
  • Cary
  • Raleigh
  • Holly Springs
  • Fearrington Village
  • Lake Royale
  • Pine Level

Many more cities are included. It is just a small list. Single overlay 984 also serves the same area.

What Time Zone is area code 919?

Area code 919 is located in the eastern time zone. This zone is also called America-New York Eastern time zone.

What is the 919 number, and what location is it Coming From?

The number 919 is an area code. The location linked to this area is North Carolina. When you want to make a cell phone call to North Carolina, you must use this code along with the phone number.

History of area code 919?

North Carolina ‘Raleigh’ area had the area code 919 in 1954. This code was for its Eastern and central regions. Before this, the entire state of North Carolina had one area code which was 704.

How to Call a 919 Area Code Phone Number?

It is easy to put 919 area code as an outgoing calling. You have to dial 919 and your 7 digit phone number. This 10 digit dialing will put your call exactly where it needs to go.

Why Should I Get a 919 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

If you plan on starting a business in North Carolina, then 929 is an important area code for you. Especially if you are trying to enter the Raleigh market, customer engagement will become easier for you. The locals of Raleigh trust their area code, so it will be good to make calls with customers with 919 area code.

Are calls from area code 919 a scam?

919 is a very popular area code. It can be possible that it has come in the eyes of call scammers due to this popularity. The kind of scam calls you may receive from 919 can be missed calls. When you see a missed call, you feel the urge to call back to see who it is. Through this, they charge a fee or get your details. If you feel that the call is a scam, block it as soon as possible.

How do I block unwanted calls from 919 numbers?

It is very easy to block phone numbers on every phone these days. All you need to do is:

  • Click on the contact
  • Press the three dots on the right
  • click the details option
  • go to the very end and click on the block option

To permanently block 919 numbers, you need to connect to your network service provider and verify your identity and block.

Are calls from 919 numbers Toll-Free?

No, 919 numbers are not toll free. It has international calling rates and also local call charges. Certain factors come into play in deciding how much you pay for a call. These are:

  • What telephone service do you have
  • Who is the carrier of these services
  • What plan of service have you subscribed too

Every single telecommunication company has its rates. These rates may vary upon the distance of call you made or the length of your call.

How to get the 919 Area Code?

To get the 919 area code, you will need to contact the local telecommunication service providers in North Carolina. They can help you in getting the local area code. It is easier to get the code if you plan to conduct business activities or have lived there for very long and are a citizen. If you are a foreigner without any meaning of getting the area code, then the chances of getting the code are slim. The locals trust this code and cannot give it away to every person.

Area codes 919 and 984 Difference?

In 1998, the authorities decided that it would be hard to keep giving new phone numbers with the same area code because Eastern and Central parts of North Carolina have larger cities than the rest. Authorities decided that a new overlay area code would be introduced, which would help them issue more phone numbers. This overlay code is 984. The only difference is that 984 is an overlay code, whereas 919 is not. They serve the same area otherwise.

Final words – 919 Area Code

With the increase in the use of cellular telephones and new advanced technology, old telephones are diminishing. Due to this decrease, people barely need to use area codes while dialing anymore. Soon area codes will be a thing of the past and will only remain as memories linking you to a certain place. Area codes are important as they help get accurate geographical locations, and they become part of our identity as it shows our state. Where is 833 area code and 855 area code come from?

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