855 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll Free? Who’s Calling?

Have you ever explored the logic behind the usage of area codes? The biggest question for most people to whom it appeals is why these numbers can’t be transparently presented like zip codes.

The history of area codes is interesting a lot, and the logic also relates to the history. Area codes were first designed under the Bell System during the 1940s by US telecommunication experts.

Earlier, calls were operated manually, and there were call operators to do the job. The concept of automated calls was non-existent.

855 Area Code

Also, the population layers differed. To oust the old complicated manual system, the North American Numbering Plan came to the scene to enable anyone to call at any place automatically.

86 distinct areas were located to assign area codes to these called numbering plan areas to make it real.

Now many cities and states of the US and Canada have shared and specific area codes.

These area codes are called toll free area codes. Today, we have the story of area code 855.

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855 Area Code

The 855 area code is a recognized toll-free number within the premises of North America as devised by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

The number doesn’t relate to a particular state for being a non-geographic area code.

Toll free telephone numbers calls are not restricted by area, location, and city like standard area codes but can be accessed anywhere within the NANP countries.

Federal Communications Commission FCC regulates international area codes and toll-free numbers in the US and Canada.

The other code coverage comprises 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888.

A long-distance fee upon each call to all these numbers is charged to the businesses, and callers are exempted. Area code 855 was first installed in 2000 on July 29.

Where did the area code 855 come from?

City area codes or country area codes are generally presumed not to be specific.

Here is a little bit of vagueness about the particularity of code locations.

An area code is specific to a country or some countries but not specific within the premises of countries or regions.

Usually, we know the 855-area code number is confined to North America, but if you find this at Google, it will tell that 855 is a country code of Cambodia, a code locator of an Asian country.

It means that the earlier stated version is wrong. Truly not, this is because Cambodia has its premises and communication authority that formulates area codes for the country.

So an area number specific to a certain country maybe the code of another country.

What city is area code 855 located in?

Area code 855 has a non-geographic existence, as explained before. It might be associated with any location on the planet.

However, the US, Canada, and Cambodia are countries that have 855 area dials.

Again, within US territory, 855 is not pointed to a certain city or location. It may occur throughout North America and from anywhere in the US.

Does area code 855 toll-free?

Does area code 855 toll-free?

If 855 area code has the affix toll-free, it is deemed to be free to call on it.

Toll-free numbers are defined as international area codes used by various legitimate businesses to enhance customer routing to their services.

Even long-distance charges on calls don’t cost buyers, customers, or clients of a company. It is the best way of promotion to provoke callers to dial one’s company.

Number 855 is a registered toll-free area code in NANP countries.

How do I get my own 855 area code toll-free number?

Getting toll-free dial codes for a business purpose is perhaps the most lucrative deal.

Who is not supposed to build rapport with clients when buyers have no charges to call a company.

Communication authorities regulate toll-free phone numbers on a prior come basis, and these numbers have open auctions and enhanced online conveniences in your business.

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How to call a Toll Free number?

We know that toll-free dial codes have no particular location, so when we have to dial such a number, make sure the proper sequence is dialed.

If we dial the same contact with multiple area codes, we may get connected to many areas.

For example, if a number is followed by toll free service +800 and +1099, it would certainly have various locations where we are linked to.

855 Area Code + Vanity Number = Stunning Deal

In VoIP phone number, vanity numbers are the next level of championing businesses and assisting your customers and clients.

These numbers comprise the names of business franchises and follow area codes while dialing a particular line like 855-XXXX-Cars, or it could be related to a courier service or an airline.

With two benefits combined, it becomes a lucrative deal to have a toll-free free vanity number.

To understand it better, consider an example.

While living in the US, Nationwide Taxi Services are available if you have to travel by taxi to reachable places.

But how to contact them? For this, they have numbers like 1-800-TAXI-USA. This is the best illustration of vanity numbers.

How can I find out who is calling me from an 855 number?

Sorry, but the only option to find out who is calling you is to answer the call.

The reason is provided that 855 is not a specific city code locator located in the US.

It may be anyone on the other side calling you.

Before answering, make sure that call might rise in confidence scam and a good thing for you.

Why 855 numbers are calling me?

The ultimate reason why someone is calling is ambiguous unless you have some prior idea of receiving a relevant call.

The motive to discuss the importance of the question is to raise maximum awareness about the ills and fats of an area code.

The first thing sure is that a number with the prefix 855 will not cost for a call.

Second, it might be a concerned call for various matters or promotion calls to better customer service.

Third, there is a probability that someone is trying to trap people with look-alike sequences of 855 area code.

Spam calls are very common these days, and one must be aware of the reality of these toll free calls.

Does area code 855 a scam?

Does area code 855 a scam?

In the digital realm, being a person, what you could expect the most is, confidence scam tricks are very common.

The tricky part of the game is scammers fascinate people by the sequence of these toll frees because all they look recognized.

But remember, these are varied by location.

The spam callers may be behind these codes, posing themselves as bank agents or legitimate business callers.

They try to steal personal information, bank details, emails, and other private data from unsuspecting people.

If you have such a call ever, verify it, and if there is a suspicion, block the number and do away from it.

How to block unwanted 855 phone calls?

To block unwanted calls from 855 or any other spam callers, there are two ways; To do it manually or ask your network service provider agents.

For barring manually, go to the recent phone calls menu, available number details, and you’ll get the option to block.

For iPhone, go to more information where the block option is available. Blocking a number is such an option that it is second to none.

Are 855 numbers fake?

In the world of toll-free numbers, only a few valid numbers are valid. 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 are the only toll-free numbers or toll free prefixes.

If you receive one of these calls, you should report it to the Federal Communications Commission.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the FCC, you should be extremely cautious.

Should I answer toll free numbers?

When you’re in doubt, please don’t answer the call or let it go to your voicemail, as you don’t know when it could be fraudsters.

If it’s not a scam and it is a legitimate message for you, they’ll leave a message, and you can call them back to talk.

If you will use the phone a lot, it’s a good idea to get the +1 country code from the country you are from. If you are ever going to be outside your country, it’s a good idea to look up the listed country codes.


To end the discussion, an area code or toll free telephone number is a service that allows people to call various companies or locations with cost on the receiver regarding mutual interest.

Area code 855 is also a toll-free non-geographic dial and has no particular location within the premises of such countries that use this number as country code.

A verified number is a legitimate call, and incoming calls from look-alike sequences are likely spam or fraud.

If you’re irked by the excess of code calls from 855, this could be blocked from phone number list.

If you own a business, it is recommended to acquire a toll-free number to enhance the population of potential customers.

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