760 Area Code – Time zone, Location map, Phone lookup, and Toll free?

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Receiving a call from some area code number is not strange as it’s very popular among good producers and consumers for communication propose. But the shocking fact is that scammers using the area code number for phone call scams to fool the phone users.

Area code 760

They tend to be a company call center employee and ask for sensitive information from victims. Be aware that these phone calls don’t react until unless you verify the caller.

Where is Area code 760?

The location of area code 760 is southeastern California also covers Carlsbad, Vista, Victorville, Oceanside, and Escondido. It has an overlay that serves the same zone.

What time zone is 760 Area code?

The area code 760 is operated in the state of California, USA, and it serves in the largest San Diego and some Oceanside areas.

Time difference to GMT/UTC

Standard time:UTC/GMT -8:00 hours
Current time zone offset:
UTC/GMT -7:00 hours
Daylight saving time:+1:00 hour
Time zone abbreviation:PDT

760 Area Code History

March 22, 1997, area code 760 number was put in service. It was created from the 619 area code number. The demand increased; therefore, in 2009, an area code 442 was created to fill fully functional demand in area code 760.

What is 760 number, and What Location is it Coming from?

Area Code 760 is in southeastern and southernmost California. It includes the cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Escondido, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Cathedral City, San Marcos, Orange County, Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Yucca Valley, Desert Palm, Valley Center, Bermuda Dunes, Fort Irwin, Oak Hills, and San Bernardino. It shares its territory with the overlay area code 442. Means 442 also cover the same territory as area code 760. Therefore we call it American area codes or city codes.

Are calls from 760 numbers Toll Free?

No Calls from the 760 number are not toll free. Local and international both calls charges apply. These charges depend upon company rate, the tax rate on local cellular phone companies varies state to state.

Are calls from area code 760 a scam?

Local area code now becomes a basic need of company owners to communicate with clients and for the client to communicate with the company to get associate services. 

Nowadays, phone scammers are getting smarter. They use area code numbers and trick innocent people by claiming they are from the bank service team or any brand company team service. Mostly they use this trick to get secure banking information from the sufferer.

If anything like this happens with you, immediately verify the person from the internet; if you don’t get information about the calling agent, simply hang up and block the number.

Are calls from area code 760 a scam?

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How do I block unwanted calls from 760?

Many people report that they are receiving unwanted calls from area code760. Be aware of phone calls scammer. They use many ways to get your personal information.

If you are an Android user:

Open the Phone (Call) App.
Here Tap on more options (the three vertical dots will appear), then tap on settings.
Here you will see the Block number option. Tap Add number, and Then enter 760 phone number
The Next Step is, tap on add icon to register area code 760 to your phone block number.

If your area iPhone user:

First Step Navigate Contact tap contact you want to block
Scroll down then tap on the block this number/Caller

What’s Palm Springs area code?

Palm Spring is an area of state California, USA. And Its telephone area code is 760. Also, Twentynine Palms is an area of California.


If you ever receive a call from an unknown code number and you cannot recognize it, don’t answer the call. It may belong to a scammer. The scammer may make you a fool, which is not good for anyone. You can’t use it as the country code of international code. You can search on google to find 877 area code, 760 Area Code – Location,  all code location map, and code number pool.

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