704 Area code – Time Zone, Location, Scam, and Toll-Free?

Telephone customers know how crucial area code is to call someone. Phone area code help in contacting the exact geographical location you want to reach.

These codes make it easier to call someone out of your city and help make long-distance calls out of your country. Every single area has its area code.

Every city, state, and government has a unique area code, and this code is very dear to the locals as it is familiar and reminds them of home.

Where is area code 704

Where is Area Code 704?

The state of North Carolina is covered by area code 704. Charlotte city, the largest city in North Carolina, comes under the umbrella of this code. There are many more cities in this area code such as:

  • Mount Holly
  • Indian Trail
  • Kings Mountain
  • Mint Hill
  • Gastonia
  • Salisbury
  • Shelby
  • Statesville
  • Mooresville
  • Kannapolis
  • Concord

These are not the only cities that come under this area code. There are many more

What is the History of the 704 Area Code?

When AT and bell system created area codes in 1947, 704 was one. It is one of the oldest original area codes that still exist and belong to almost the same area as it was first introduced.

Initially, it covered the entire North Carolina. As time passed and the need for more phone numbers arose, new area codes were introduced.

So the area covered by 704 was split, and they added another area code (828) to the exact location. 980 is the overlay code to 704, and it was introduced in 2001.

What Time Zone is Area Code 704?

Area code 704 had the eastern time zone. This time zone is also known as America or New York time zone. 980 is another area code that serves as an overlay to 704 and falls in the same time zone.

What is the 704 area code time zone

What is the 704 Area Code Time Zone?

704 area code comes under the Eastern time zone. While we call it the Eastern time zone, locals mainly refer to it as America or New York time zone.

What is the 704 Number, and what Location is it Coming From?

704 number is an area code. Any number with 704 at the start means that the call is coming from North Carolina. It can be from any significant Counties and cities that come under the 704 area code.

Top 12 Counties in Area Code 704?

The top 12 counties that come under the area code 704 are as follows:

  1. Alexander (NC)
  2. Gaston (NC)
  3. Mecklenburg (NC)
  4. Union (NC)
  5. Cabarrus (NC)
  6. Anson (NC)
  7. Catawba ( NC)
  8. Stanly (NC)
  9. Iredell (NC)
  10. Rowan (NC)
  11. Cleveland (NC)
  12. Lincoln (NC)

How to Call a 704 Area Code Phone Number?

There are two types of calls you can make; 7- and 10-Digit calls. If you are a resident in the same area and have the area code 704, all you need to do is dial the seven-digit phone number.

However, if you do not come under the same area code, you need to dial 704 and the seven-digit phone number. Put the area code 704 first, then the phone number you need to call.

Why Should I Get a 704 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

If you plan to do business in North Carolina, you must get the 704 area code phone number. It is even more critical to establish a customer base in the 12 counties falling under 704.

It is because the locals of the area trust this area code. If you call them from a number having this area code, it will be better for customer engagement. The local people in the market will hesitate less in engaging with your business due to this code.

Are Calls from Area Code 704 a Scam

Are Calls from Area Code 704 a Scam?

704 is one of the oldest and most popular area codes in North Carolina. It covers a lot of the area, and 12 counties fall under it.

Due to this popularity and trust among the locals, some scammers might be interested. The call scammers take advantage of this code to their benefit.

They usually leave a missed call, and when you call back to inquire who it is, you are charged a fee. The longer the ring is, the more the charges.

It is best not to pick any calls if you feel you do not recognize the number and it is new. If someone wants to contact you, they will leave a message, meet you or call again.

How do I Block Unwanted Calls From 704 Numbers?

In this day and age, blocking calls from unwanted numbers has become simple. If you are getting unwanted calls from 704 numbers, all you have to do is follow the following process:

  • Find the number in your call log that you want to block.
  • Click on the three dots on the right side.
  • A list will show up. Choose the option of details.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and press the block button.

The process is straightforward. However, if you want to block every call with the 704 area code, you need to contact your network service provider.

They will ask for your details and ask to verify yourself. Once you have done that, tell them to block all calls coming with the 704 area code. You will never have to see these unwanted calls ever again.

Are Calls from 704 Numbers Toll-free?

The area code 704 is not a toll free number. Both local and international dialing charges a fee. The amount charged depends on certain factors. These factors include:

  • Which telephone service have you chosen?
  • Who is the carrier of this telephone service?
  • What package or plan of service have you subscribed to?

These factors play an essential role in determining the amount, as every service provider has its rates. Other factors like the distance and length of call also play an indispensable role. The heavy call volume will charge you more than a short and quick call.

How to Get the 704 Area Code?

To get the 704 area code, you will need to contact the local service providers and authorities in North Carolina. They can help you in getting the local area code 704.

It will be easier to get this code if you plan to conduct a business there or have lived there for quite some time.

Otherwise, if you are a foreigner and have no objective basis for getting the code, they may decline your request as this code is a sense of security for the locals.

Final words

Area codes are essential to us not in the sense that they help us geographically locate someone and place a call to them but also in the mind that they mean a lot to us emotionally.

The area code of where we live is unique as it gives us a feeling of belonging somewhere and familiarity.

Telephone customers know the importance of area codes. But as things are getting advanced and, new gadgets are in our reach, we do not know how long we will need area codes to figure out a location.

Maybe someday soon, cell phone customers will not have to put in area codes to call a specific area. The time of area codes may be over more quickly.

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