323 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Scam? Who’s Calling?

area code 323

What Area Code is 323?

California is a state that owns Area Code 323 in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).In central Los Angeles, Huntington Park and Bell Gardens are several Southeast LA communities allotted to a numbering plan area (NPA).

It comprises 269 three-digit telephone area codes in the USA. 25,774,546 individuals near Los Angeles Montebello, Downtown los Angeles, Huntington park south gate, and Monterey park enfold roughly 7,998,000 unique mobile phone numbers.

History of Area Code 323 Number

The story of area code 323 began in 1951 when most eastern portion and southern were allocated area code 714. in 1957, most of the Los Angeles northern and western portions receiving 805 area codes were assigned 213 area codes.

After three decades, in 1984, when Gabriel valley and san Francisco valley were given 818 area codes, Los Angeles became the first-ever in the U.S to be divided into two numbering plan areas.

Area code 310 was given to west Los Angeles south bay after many years in 1991.

New area code 323 was given after seven years to the divided Los Angeles in 1998. Los Angeles became a city with two cellphone codes by keeping 213 and the new 323 area codes.

323 area code history

Can you still Get a 323 Area Code?

The population growth in the city of fascination and style new area code 323 is introduced from the original area code of Los Angeles.

Most of the area of Los Angeles was covered by this. 323 became the primary area code of the city.

The original 213 ultimately became an overlay for the 323 area code, whereas 213 was initially introduced to engulf a movable portion of the country.

Nowadays, Los Angeles can still obtain either 323 area codes or 213 area codes.

Can you still Get a 323 Area Code?

Where does Area Code 323 Services?

The two area codes 213 and 323 service the Los Angeles area. NANP, or the North American Numbering Plan, was framed by American Telephone and Telegraph Company( AT and T).

The division of California into three plan areas 213, 415, and 916 for the southern, central, and northern parts occurred.

In 1951 orange country and southern and the eastern portion of San Diego were allocated area code 714, so they had to be divided. The 213 was constricted to Los Angeles country.

In contrast, the western and northern portions were given 805 by govt of the USA. And it lasted for thirty years till 1984.

Afterward, San Fernando valley and san Gabriel valley received area code 818. Area code 323 and 213 serve Westmont, West Athens, Walnut Park, View Park Windsor Hills, Vernon, South Pasadena, South Gate, Rosemead, Pasadena, Monterey Park, Montebello, Maywood, Lynwood, Westlake, Watts, Silver Lake, South Central, Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, Lincoln Heights, Korea town, Hyde Park, Hollywood, Highland Park, Hermon, Exposition Park, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Downtown, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Florence- Graham, Bell Gardens, Bell, Alhambra, East Los Angeles, El Sereno, Crenshaw, China town, Boyle Heights, Ladera Heights, Hawthorne, Florence, Cudahy, City terrace, West Hollywood.

How do I call a 323 Number?

A scheme of ten-digit dialing is followed if you want to dial with area codes 323 and 213. Within this scheme, a number is added in the trunk line 1+ area code before calling.

What Time Zone does Area Code 323 Follow?

The pacific time zone (PST) is escorted by 323 area code. It is eight hours behind coordinated universal time (UTC-8:00); throughout the summertime, it is elevated by an hour (UTC- 7:00), so the route for daytime savings is directed.

This time zone is followed by several other states such as Washington and Nevada, Alaska, Idaho. Los Angeles a heavily populated and largest city.

From November till mid of march, standard time zone is followed. PDT; daylight saving time spotted from mid-march to November.

State Major City Time Zone
California Los Angeles Pacific

Area code 707.

Is 323 a Toll Free Area Code?

As 323 services the Los Angeles area, therefore, it is not a toll-free area code. They do not possess Geographical location and are mainly used for businesses and customer service.

Area code 323 IRS Scam: IRS scam is a highly reported scam arising from 323 area code.

The action of scammers plans to call people pretending that they are from IRS and claim money from the victim.

The scammer then mentions that they have to make the payment on call as it is a one-time settlement.

IRS also go through the details of the victim and further pass on their data to other scammers. If this situation occurs, never reveal any person.

What zip code is 323?

Area code number 323 belongs to the south part of log Angeles, its information chart.

Zip Code City/Community Telephone Area Code (& Overlay)
90001 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles), Florence-Graham 323

Is 323 a scam?

Phone scamming is very common across the USA and Canada. The scammer uses this way to fool innocent people. They may get 323 numbers and call you for scam purposes. Be aware if you don’t identify the caller hand call.

Final Words

The area code number is the identity of its location and for its service in major cities such as southern and eastern portion of Los Angeles country. In the modern age of computer networking, the area code is assigned to specific areas to understand its location.

There are other area codes like 704 area code, area code 870 and area code 760 that also have some specific information like this area code number.

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