Area Code 202 – Location, Time Zone, Scam, and Toll Free

Where is area code 202

Everyarea in this world is given a specific area code. Usually, it’s a 3-digit number that you type before dialing the personal number of a person living in another area.

Where is Area Code 202?

Washington, DC, the capital of the U.S., is served under area code 202. This region includes many political and industrial sectors. Recently, there has been an overlay of area code in Washington, D.C.

The new code is 771, but the good thing is that your current area code and current telephone number will not be affected. Both the area codes, 202 and 771, are used in Washington.

What Time Zone is Area Code 202?

Just like other eastern states of the US, Washington, DC, follows Eastern Standard Time (EST). So, the time zone throughout the months of winter and fall is UTC/GMT-5, marked by the locals.

On the other hand, from April to October (during summer and spring months), the time zone is UTC/GMT-4, which the residents observe.

History : Area code 202

After the state of New Jersey, having area code 201, AT&T created the second Numbering Plan Area, which is the Washington area code 202.

In 1947, AT&T and the Bell System set up 86 area codes and, 202 is one of them. That’s how a state was allotted with an area code, the second digit of which was ‘0’.

What are the Areas Serviced by 202?

Washington, DC, is the only place serviced by area code 202. However, 177 foreign embassies and headquarters, industrial and political organizations are located here.

Three federal government branches (president, congress, and supreme court) are also present. More importantly, the president of U.S. lives in Washington, DC.

What Time Zone Does Area Code 202 Follow?

Eastern time zone, also known as Eastern Standard Time (EST), is followed in the district of Columbia. During winter, it is five hours behind the coordinated universal time (UTC), and during summer, it is four hours behind the UTC.

For example, if it’s 12:30 pm UTC, it will be 7:30 am in winters and 8:30 am in summers in Washington. Other eastern states of the U.S. to follow EST are New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, etc.

How do I Call or Dial an Area Code 202 Number?

Since there is a code overlay in Washington, dialing a number is also changed. Accordingly, the calls currently made through seven-digit dialing are now dialed using a 3-digit area code + a 7-digit telephone number.

This ten-digit dialing procedure started on October 9th, 2021, for those with area code 202. They are supposed to dial area code + phone number to make complete calls.

On November 9th, 2021, area code 771 was a new code assigned to D.C., and it didn’t make code 202 invalid but is allotted to new telephone lines or services. The dialing procedure is the same for the new code, area code + telephone number, which makes it 10-digit dialing.

For this change, all the systems programed with 7-digit dialing are reprogramed to 10-digit dialing plus area code 771.

Such systems include automatic dialing equipment, life safety system, burglar or fire alarm systems, security systems, fax machines, speed dialers. Also, your business and personal checks, advertising materials, internet dial-up numbers, etc.

Is Area Code 202 Toll Free?

Is Area Code 202 Toll Free

Being toll-free is not the case with area code 202. There are many specific toll-free area codes such as 800, 877, 888. The toll free numbers can be dialed from landlines without any charges on the person placing the call, including distance calls. For area code 202, it is not toll-free.

Is Area Code 202 a Scam?

The advancements in technology have caused ease for scammers. It’s not a problem to get a customized contact number nowadays. Taking this advantage, scammers have their numbers customized which seem local and trustworthy to the victims.

A recent example is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) scam. The scammer uses cheated called I.D. to make sure the IRS appears on the phone.

Their purpose is to obtain money by making a call to the victim and saying that he or she owes the IRS money. Scammers threaten the victim with arresting if he or she does not take immediate action.

Advice for victims is that they should ignore unknown numbers. IRS does not ask for money on a phone call, so if you receive such a call, be sure that’s a scam.

Why is a 202 Number Calling me

Suppose an unknown phone number with a 202 area code is calling you; it’s better to ignore it. Chances are most probably that they are scammers trying to spoof your caller I.D.

Many people fell victims to this phone scam. A piece of advice for victims is to block their number as soon as they receive the call.

When do 202 Numbers Run out?

It’s been74 years that the 202 area code has been serving Washington, DC. 202 numbers are running out as the regulators say that, by 2023, 202 area code will run out of numbers.

Is 202 Area Code a Cell Phone?

Just like countries are given country codes, +1-country code in case of U.S., similarly states of a country are given area codes. 202 area code is an area code serving Washington, the District of Columbia.

202 area code serves all the people in D.C., but locals of Virginia and Maryland having mobile phones can sometimes obtain it depending on their career.

What Area Codes Should you not Answer?

Some area codes are harmful to answer because there is a risk of spoofing, traffic pumping, and one-ring scam. To stay safe from traffic pumping, the area codes not to answer are 712 and 218.

Their goal is to enlarge the volume of calls artificially. This inflated volume of calls intends to make tons of money through the wireless and long-distance companies.

One-ring scammers also intend to get money by making a one-ring call to people living in such areas from where if they call back, it will cost them a lot. Area codes used by one-ring scammers include 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876.

How many 202 Numbers are there?

84% of the total 202 area code numbers are assigned, and according to NANP, 360,000 are left to assign. The assigned numbers start from 202-200 Washington Zone and end on 202-999 Washington Zone.

Final Words – Area Code 202

Out of 317 area codes in the U.S., for Washington D.C., it is 202 and 771. The area code is not toll-free and is used according to the ten-digit dialing method.

There is a risk of scams, but they can be avoided by taking some measures. 202 area code follows Eastern Standard Time like other eastern states of U.S. 202 phone numbers are running out, only 360,000 numbers are left. Also read 919 area code and 844 area code.

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